Funding for Eye Research Continues to Decrease.

The fight to find preventable ways to avoid the increase of Brits that will live with eye sight difficulties continues to be an issue due to lack of funding to address such crucial subject.

Presently there are 2 million members of the public in the UK who have difficulties with their eyesight which is a very large number yet there is not much being done to tackle an increase of eye problems in our country.

Living with a degree of sight loss can have a significant impact into the daily lives of the people caught in such predicament, it affects their interaction with the world they live in and eventually their confidence.

Interview with Mike Daw who is Chief Executive of the Nation Eye Reasearch Center

Getting more funding for Eye research entails reduction in the estimated number of people who will find themselves living with sight loss by 2050 which is 4 million, which is twice the people living with sight loss currently in the UK.

Sight loss not being a terminal disease seems to be a reason why its urgency is not noticed, it should not  be left unattended like it is now because the eyes are very important to our human life .

Glaucoma being an eye condition that causes permanent sight loss by damaging the optic nerve is one of the many eye disease that a detailed research is needed.


Regular eye check ups from 35 year old will help decrease the rate of increase in sight loss.

Eyes are important in our lives and its our responsibility to ensure we are aware of  complications to live without it and work to find measures to fight for our eyes.

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