MET Police: Celebrating 100 years of women in the police force

Met look into all the women who shaped the police force as it been 100 years since they’ve changed the game.

100 years on from the first female officers, today we have over 8,000 women who are given valuable roles around the forces to keep us safe.

The Met highlights the fact that all women are now able to do the exact same jobs as the male officers do from carrying firearms to running armed operations.

In order to tackle those challenging gender stereotypes they have also started a campaign ,including Sofia Stanley and Sislin Fay Allen to encourage and inspire women to follow in their footsteps.

They have selected those two females as Sofia Stanley was the first female Commissioner and Sislin Fay Allen was the first Black female, who appealed to the black ethnic minority so those were some quite heavy changes.

Commissioner Cressida Dick, said: I want to thank all women officers and staff, past and present, for their dedication and service to the Met. All of us who are thriving today owe so much to the brave pioneers of the past.

People see it as societal change when men and women are doing many of the same jobs,   this already happens in many places only is it more looked upon by those in power so in the year 1918 when it was thought about and put into place there were bound to be some restrictions.

police women

On November 22nd of 1918 the then commissioner Sir Cecil Macready had announced that they would be some female officers would be joining them but instead of them being addressed as official officers they were called- women patrols.

We have now discovered that they were put on an experimental program because the government were not sure if they’d keep having females in the force as an ongoing thing.

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Storm Diana coming to disturbed UK weather

Storm Diana is about to impact the UK on Wednesday with a strong wind and a savage rain.

Diana named by  IPMA Portuguese weather service. Diana is a storm coming from the Azores, she will then move  to the UK during mid week with a strong wind and a massive rain, that will give wet and windy conditions to the UK.

Diana hits in the south west of Great Britain she will not have time to weaken and therefore we can expect heavy rains. There will be 20mm – 40mm rain bringing winds up to 60 mph, Christmas shopping is about to be a disaster!

It is expected that the storm front on Wednesday and Thursday will pass through all the western region of great Britain from south to north . Temperature are expected to reach a maximum of 10C with high of 4C. Storm Diana is due to arrive on Wednesday although shower are likely to persist on Thursday.

Dan Harris, the met deputy chief meteorologist says, ” It now looks very likely that we will see a major change in the UK’s weather early in the week ahead. Before the wet and windy conditions arrive, Sunday  and Monday nights will be frosty in places with patchy fog making driving conditions difficult in some area.”

In response, the Met Office has issued several severe weather warnings across the UK, with strong winds and downpours expected across much of Wales, Northern Ireland, western England and Scotland.

It added there was a small chance that injuries and danger to life ‘could occur from large waves and beach material being thrown onto sea fronts, coastal roads and properties’ in coastal areas such as Cornwall.






Migrants in Mexico faced tear gas.

A group of  migrants in Mexico who were trying to reach the American border were stopped with tear gas as they tried to reach America.

The migrants who are mainly from Central America were fleeing from threat of  violence in their own home country.

Trump has vowed to investigate each migrant who are in the process of  entering America while the  court  decide their cases though that  could take a lot of time for each case to be verified.

Trump also tweeted saying ” we don’t want to let in those with criminals history  into America ” he wants a court case with each migrant to be looked at before their allowed in

The public also took to social media sharing their videos and images from the scene which showed migrants trying to cross the border; Police Officers with tear gas and weapons were also shown in the footage.

This crisis consists of migrants from central America countries such as; Honduras, El Salvador fleeing from threats of violent from their home country trying to reach America for a  better life .


Trump tweeting he doesn’t want migrant with criminal history into America tweeting he wants to send them back if court case finds any with criminal history   

mexico crisis

migrants trying to reach America for better life while court case looks at each migrants

The migrants are awaiting to hear back from the courts who are checking their criminal records before they are allowed to seek refuge.

For now the wait is on for the courts to decide their individual cases.

England cricketers secure test-match whitewash.

Already leading the series against Sri Lanka 2-0, England sealed victory in the 3rd test on Monday morning.

England won the match by 42 runs in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Ben Foakes won the man of the series award.

This victory marks only the third time in history that England have won 3 out of 3 test matches in a series.

England completed a remarkable and historic victory against Sri Lanka to whitewash the hosts in the three test series. Set an incredibly difficult target of 327 to win, the hosts were bowled out for 285 in a second innings where momentum continued to switch sides by the hour.

England started the better and were in control in the first two days with Moeen Ali collecting wickets early on in what looked like a routine England victory but Sri Lanka held firm, managed to withstand the pressure and put up stubborn resistance to give them a chance of pulling off the unlikely run chase.

Sri Lanka put in a 6th wicket stand of 103 and looked to be gaining the upper hand, but one of the star performers over the series, Jack Leach secured a run out to turn the tide once more in England’s favour. It would be the last momentum switch, as the tourists put on the pressure. 37

Aided by a Sri Lankan batting collapse, the final three wickets fell for only 102 runs as England secured victory just before the end of the morning session as Leach trapped batsman Lakmal LBW to spark wild celebrations from England, who started this year with a 4-0 test match defeat to Australia in a five match test series.

With victory, England rise to 2nd in the test world rankings, behind only India and have now won eight of their last nine tests. They are looking forward to attempting to regain the Ashes from Australia next year, as they welcome the Aussies.

Matthew Hedges pardoned by UAE with “immediate effect”

British academic Matthew Hedges has been pardoned by UAE with “gracious clemency” 5 days into a life jail sentence for spying.

31 year old Matthew Hedges has been pardoned by the UAE government after he was jailed for life on the 21st of November.

His wife, Daniela Tejada, tweeted that she had “been brought back to life” after hearing the news, and gave thanks for all the support she’d received.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said he could be released “very soon”, saying that the UK government had “never seen any evidence” the spying charges had any basis.

Mr Hunt tweeted that he was glad that Hedges was out, but said that it was a “bittersweet moment as we remember Nazanin & other innocent [people] detained in Iran”.

The UAE issued the pardon as part of a series of their 47th National Day anniversary.

However, a spokesman said Matthew Hedges was “a part-time PhD researcher, a part-time businessman, but he was a 100-percent a full-time secret service operative”.

The UAE said that he was collecting information pertaining to the military, and also sensitive economic data.

Authorities in the UAE have reportedly released a video that shows him admitting he is working undercover for MI6.

Hedges was originally detained at Dubai Airport as he attempted to leave the country on the 5th of May.

Bridges attended Durham University and was in the UAE to research its security strategy.

Durham University have said in a statement that they would be “we will be thrilled to welcome him back to the Durham University community”

Bridges has been released and is currently on his way to the British embassy, according to a family spokesperson.

Facebook documents seized by Parliament

Series of Facebook documents have been seized by the UK parliament following the Cambridge Analytica scandal investigation. 

The UK parliament have recently exercised their power by confiscating a series of Facebook document that is suspected to have infringed on privacy of  over 50 million Facebook users and leaking their private information.

According to the Observer these documents mainly consisted of information about Facebook’s privacy controls, during the Cambridge Analytica scandal investigation it was discovered that Facebook was linked to the case that led Cambridge Analytica to shut down. 

The documents were forcefully obtained from Ted Kramer an Executive of six4three (a US tech firm) while on a business trip in London. Sargent-at-arms brought him before UK parliament.

He refused to tender the documents as it would risk a citation for contempt from the San Mateo Superior Court located in California, a letter from Facebook to Damian Collins on why the documents shouldn’t be publicised; 

According to Damian he says, ”We’ve failed to get answers from Facebook and we believe the documents contain information of very high public interest.” that was what led to the confiscation of the internal documents in the first place.

After much speculation he was threatened on grounds of imprisonment or fines if the documents were not handed to the parliament within a short period of two hours. 

Individuals have been reacting to this story as some of them are taking sides with the UK parliament for seizing the documents;

Eric Garland a popular economics consultant and trend analyst also reacted to the issue on twitter;

This case goes further as a hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.


We will return the African Artifacts

The French President ‘Emmanuel Macron’ has agreed to return African artifacts back to Africa, “Without delay”, 26 African artworks claimed by Benin, according to the president’s office.

President Macron decided on Friday 23rd November that the artifacts would be returned back to the countries of its origin starting with Benin. After receiving a report from French art historian, Benedicte Savoy, and Senegalese economist Felwine Sarr detailing how former colonizers can return looted artworks to Africa.

The western African country of Benin is the first country that President Macron has publicly said will have their artifacts returned. After Benin officially asked for their return some years ago. President Macron said the statues would be returned “without delay”.

Twenty-six thrones and statues were taken from Benin (then Kingdom of Dahomey in 1892 during a colonial war and all 26 are being returned.

President Macron also says “the return of art to Benin should not be an isolated case”. He “hopes that all possible circulation of these works is considered: returns but also exhibitions, loans, further cooperation”.

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Currently about 90 percent of African art is at present housed in museums and private collections outside the continent, including statues, thrones and manuscripts.

Now the decision to return artefacts has caused controversy as African officials have welcomed it but European art dealers have expressed concerns that repatriation will leave some French museums nearly empty.


West Ham launch new player project in East London.

Players from both the men’s and women’s first team are becoming ambassadors for the local community.

West Ham play their matches at the London Stadium in Stratford.

The project will be working on creating a sporting legacy and changing lives in the community.

The project is a commitment in creating opportunities.

The only Premier League team in East London, West Ham United, are launching a new player project, which they feel will benefit the community and that is ‘important to the club’. The club is already one of 800 nationwide that are part of the Kicks Project and recently hosted a session at the London Stadium.See the source image

Marko Arnautovic, together with Jack Wilshere and women’s team stars Esmee De Graaf and Lucienne Reichardt, participated in the inaugural session. Additionally, former club captain Mark Nolan has praised the club and it’s ideas on Twitter.

See the source imageThe Club’s Austrian forward Marko Arnautovic has said about the project “When I see the kids training hard and how they look up to us, it makes me feel happy and I just want to give advice to everyone to go the right way and to do that is important”.





Waterloo station is finally escaping the pigeon menace.

Waterloo station has got a new recruit, a hawk. One of  the busiest station in London has been fighting with pigeons and their mess, their reign has now come to an end.

After several complaints from the passengers, Jason Murphy, the manager of Waterloo station, took positive action and decided to bring a hawk to scare off the pigeons. The five years old Harris hawk, called Aria, will work twice per week  for two hours shift. Her duty will be to prevent a mess from pigeons by frightening them away from the station.

Aria’s handler Max Bell said that Aria likes her job and the environment, the hawk already has experience in patrolling station because she has work before at the  London King Cross station and at the Treasury.



This is a good new for the passengers  as the pigeon problem, will  hopefully be resolved. Commuter’s  will now be able to travel with peace and no longer have to worry about  pigeon pecking  their food or disturbing them around Waterloo station.

The huge mess  the pigeon were making was making cleaning very costly and making a vast amount of extra work.

Aria is being a good help to keep the station neat. Waterloo station is now a welcoming station.


Image result for inside waterloo station

Michelle Obama: tickets SELL OUT faster than SPICE GIRLS!!!

Michelle Obama ‘London talk’ tickets sell fast on twitter.

Hundreds of social media fans said they had to queue from the early hours of the morning, and were still unable to buy tickets. It is known to be more than over 40,000 people are disappointed who still cannot get tickets.


“The South Bank Centre who are holding the event has told the ticket company ‘Viagogo’ to remove the £70,000 controversial  ticket that appears on their site overnight”.

Twitter has shared their story, by posting screenshots of disappointed fans that could not purchase tickets due to tickets being in high demands, which has now seen many fans asking that the event be transfer to a stadium which would give the exhaustively huge figures of 60,000 fans the opportunity to hear Michele Obama speak.

Many fans left feeling distraught from the South Bank Centre as they watch others who had there tickets were collecting  in person, while they were being turned away.

There will be around 300  tickets donated to various charities and schools in London and across the country.

“Michelle Obama , and  author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie wil be present on December 3rd 2018”. at the Southbank Centre in Lambeth.

Michelle Obama, the former First Lady of the United States portrait painted in her honour which is situated in Dorrell Place at the side of Marks & Spencer’s in Brixton.

The artist NeequayeDreph Dsane was born and bred Nottingham.

He has been visual artist in media: mainly focusing on portraiture, he is best known for his, profession for creating large-scale murals and oil paintings.

Accompanying his backstories to tribute to hero’s and heroine addicts; with the way he express his emotion, which is amazingly interesting and makes Brixton stand out.

Neequaye has undertaken an media and art degree, which has enhanced his knowledge: to become and oil based artist.

According to Brixton Buzz” After 3 decades of street based painting, Dreph is widely regarded as a stalwart of the scene and has painted in Asia, Africa, the UAE, Central and South America and throughout Europe.”


“Michelle Obama is an inspiration to many as she continues to use her voice to speak on pressing societal issues that are close to her heart, particularly issues that affect young people within our global community hence this is one of the reasons her mural has been showcased.

She encourages us to realise our own potential through the numerous initiatives that she leads such as quality education for girls and healthy living.

I feel that it’s important for us all to have visible, relating and progressive people to model ourselves on and to see ourselves reflected in.

Michelle Obama is always open in giving us an insight into what it looks like to push through and forge our own paths.

Dreph  the artist stated ‘You Are Enough’ series “I painted 10 portraits around London in celebration of black women who are doing extraordinary things. For me Michelle Obama is the ultimate embodiment of ‘You Are Enough.’”


Upon leaving Sidley and Austin Michelle found public allies Chicago in 1993, which is an AmeriCorps national service program, providing training to young people who want to peruse careers withing the public sector.

When Sasha was 4 months old Michelle was not able to find a babysitter, she had to bring her to the Chicago Medical Centre for an interview.

Sasha now 20 slept through the whole thing, Michelle got the job. Michelle is known to be straight talking giving good advice.

While being first lady Michelle always opted to write her own speeches, which was of great quality. Even the colonist john Podhoretz describing them as ”total knockout” apart.