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Migrants in Mexico faced tear gas.

A group of  migrants in Mexico who were trying to reach the American border were stopped with tear gas as they tried to reach America. The migrants who are mainly from Central America were fleeing from threat of  violence in their own home country. Trump has vowed to investigate each migrant who are in the process of  entering America while the  court  decide their cases though

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Facebook documents seized by Parliament

Series of Facebook documents have been seized by the UK parliament following the Cambridge Analytica scandal investigation.  The UK parliament have recently exercised their power by confiscating a series of Facebook document that is suspected to have infringed on privacy of  over 50 million Facebook users and leaking their private information. According to the Observer these documents mainly consisted of information

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We will return the African Artifacts

The French President ‘Emmanuel Macron’ has agreed to return African artifacts back to Africa, “Without delay”, 26 African artworks claimed by Benin, according to the president’s office. President Macron decided on Friday 23rd November that the artifacts would be returned back to the countries of its origin starting with Benin. After receiving a report from French art historian, Benedicte Savoy, and

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