Apple Drops Brand New Emojis via IOS update

Apple has added more than 70 new emoji with the new ios12.1 update.

Redheads finally have their own set of emojis after the release of new characters.

More emotive smiley faces, new animals, food items and symbols have also been added to the keyboard.

Apple has answered the call to diversify characters by throwing in grey-haired, bald and curly locked emoji people.

There was a huge spark in petitions for ginger emojis after the apple IOS8.3 update in 2014 failed to include them.

Starting off with a mere set of 176 emojis, Apple’s set has now grown to a whopping 722 characters. Apple emojis were created as ideograms to represent anything and everything.

The Emojis were released in light of celebrating World Emoji Day,

From a llama to a traditional Chinese dessert called Moon cake, Apple has managed to tend to user’s emoji needs in abundance.


Several more iconic characters are joined by an evil eye symbol, a party face, and even superheroes.

Students from Lambeth College explained what their favourite emojis are.


The ‘Crying Laughing’ emoji has repeatedly been ranked as one of the most popular character amongst people, more so earning itself a place in Oxford’s Dictionary’s word of the year.

‘Emojipedia’ is an online emoji dictionary which clarifies the meaning of each and every single emoji across all official keyboards including Samsung, WhatsApp and Google Keyboards.

If you would like to know what an emoji means, you can visit emojipedia and find out using their search engine.



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