Top three fireworks displays this weekend

Here at Vox Radio we’ve picked out three of the best fireworks displays to be at the weekend beginning 3rd November 2018.



Guy fawkes night this year is set to be buzzing with, brilliant bonfires and entertainment for the kids.

  1. Battersea Park 

On Saturday 3rd November be sure to make your way down to Battersea park for the annual fireworks display as it is set to be the most exciting in years, be in awe of the 22 minute show as Wandsworth council dazzle the sky for a family affair.

If  kids are feeling slightly peckish you’re welcome to stop at Battersea power station to endulge in some of their new restaurants and on the day they’ll have some activities for children to get occupied.

Before going out in the cold and for parents to warm themselves up with a coffee of hot chocolate the bonfire will be lit by around 7:30pm and you’re welcome to pay at the gate.

for more information


2. Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival

Alexandra Palace’s fireworks show is said to be on a two day spread, starting on Saturday the 3rd and resuming on Sunday the 4th tickets are ranging from as little as £1 all the way to £9-£10..

Many are happy its spread out over two days as its also mixed in with a festival some would say its cinematic as you’re favourite acts perform behind a backdrop of London sky line whilst you munch on the finest beers and the sky explodes a glittery symphony.


3. Lambeth Firework Show

This fireworks show is the most child friendly of the few, the show starts at 5pm starting firstly with the ‘family films’ one of which being from the soundtracks of some of the biggest films ( The Greatest showman , Moana and others) in this movie themed display its more engaging for the kids.

Lambeth have collaborated with ‘Heart FM’ and this year they’re supposedly ‘ turning up the feel good’  and are taking us back to the 90s in the style of a time tunnel to the present in order to reminisce and get in touch with your younger side.


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