Michelle Obama: tickets SELL OUT faster than SPICE GIRLS!!!

Michelle Obama ‘London talk’ tickets sell fast on twitter.

Hundreds of social media fans said they had to queue from the early hours of the morning, and were still unable to buy tickets. It is known to be more than over 40,000 people are disappointed who still cannot get tickets.


“The South Bank Centre who are holding the event has told the ticket company ‘Viagogo’ to remove the £70,000 controversial  ticket that appears on their site overnight”.

Twitter has shared their story, by posting screenshots of disappointed fans that could not purchase tickets due to tickets being in high demands, which has now seen many fans asking that the event be transfer to a stadium which would give the exhaustively huge figures of 60,000 fans the opportunity to hear Michele Obama speak.

Many fans left feeling distraught from the South Bank Centre as they watch others who had there tickets were collecting  in person, while they were being turned away.

There will be around 300  tickets donated to various charities and schools in London and across the country.

“Michelle Obama , and  author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie wil be present on December 3rd 2018”. at the Southbank Centre in Lambeth.

Michelle Obama, the former First Lady of the United States portrait painted in her honour which is situated in Dorrell Place at the side of Marks & Spencer’s in Brixton.

The artist NeequayeDreph Dsane was born and bred Nottingham.

He has been visual artist in media: mainly focusing on portraiture, he is best known for his, profession for creating large-scale murals and oil paintings.

Accompanying his backstories to tribute to hero’s and heroine addicts; with the way he express his emotion, which is amazingly interesting and makes Brixton stand out.

Neequaye has undertaken an media and art degree, which has enhanced his knowledge: to become and oil based artist.

According to Brixton Buzz” After 3 decades of street based painting, Dreph is widely regarded as a stalwart of the scene and has painted in Asia, Africa, the UAE, Central and South America and throughout Europe.”


“Michelle Obama is an inspiration to many as she continues to use her voice to speak on pressing societal issues that are close to her heart, particularly issues that affect young people within our global community hence this is one of the reasons her mural has been showcased.

She encourages us to realise our own potential through the numerous initiatives that she leads such as quality education for girls and healthy living.

I feel that it’s important for us all to have visible, relating and progressive people to model ourselves on and to see ourselves reflected in.

Michelle Obama is always open in giving us an insight into what it looks like to push through and forge our own paths.

Dreph  the artist stated ‘You Are Enough’ series “I painted 10 portraits around London in celebration of black women who are doing extraordinary things. For me Michelle Obama is the ultimate embodiment of ‘You Are Enough.’”


Upon leaving Sidley and Austin Michelle found public allies Chicago in 1993, which is an AmeriCorps national service program, providing training to young people who want to peruse careers withing the public sector.

When Sasha was 4 months old Michelle was not able to find a babysitter, she had to bring her to the Chicago Medical Centre for an interview.

Sasha now 20 slept through the whole thing, Michelle got the job. Michelle is known to be straight talking giving good advice.

While being first lady Michelle always opted to write her own speeches, which was of great quality. Even the colonist john Podhoretz describing them as ”total knockout” apart.


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