UK facing Plasma shortage that could leave Primary Immune Deficient patients without vital treatment to stay alive.

UKPIPS,  a charity established for patients with Primary Immune Deficiency (PID) condition ranging to 300 different types.

The charity is urging the government to ensure that patients are not denied the immunoglobulin that they need to survive saying this could lead to thousand of deaths if actions are not taken quickly.

The UKPIPS charity stated that the people living with PID a genetic condition which prevents the production of antibodies without doubt will die if right steps are not taken.

According to research, in 2014 over 6,798 people complained to NHS about not being able to give blood alongside lack of appointments slots and cancellation of booked sessions.

These decisions by the NHS has made some donors consider giving up donating wherein a donor Hayes says ” It’s soul destroying trying to donate to an organisation that simply doesn’t want what you’re giving”.

Demand for plasma has suddenly increased catching everyone by surprise wherein it take 18 months from the time a person donates their plasma throughout the world to make immunoglobulin.

The world is experiencing plasma shortage, however the NHS must purchase the treatment on the global market making the situation critical.

The situation gets worse as there is currently no allocated fund dedicated to purchase immunoglobulin specifically for the PID patients leading them to compete for the limited funds available to progress their treatment.

Steps have been taken to ensure production meets the current and anticipated future world demand which will take at least a year to result in higher production level of IGG   ( Immunoglobulin ).

PID patients are known to having the highest need for IGG wherein it is life sustaining. Despite the faults of the NHS they have been working very hard to make sure there is sufficient IGG for patients.

Below is an interview with UKPIPS specialist Liz McCartney discussing the growing crisis and some steps the government should take.


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