Facebook documents seized by Parliament

Series of Facebook documents have been seized by the UK parliament following the Cambridge Analytica scandal investigation. 

The UK parliament have recently exercised their power by confiscating a series of Facebook document that is suspected to have infringed on privacy of  over 50 million Facebook users and leaking their private information.

According to the Observer these documents mainly consisted of information about Facebook’s privacy controls, during the Cambridge Analytica scandal investigation it was discovered that Facebook was linked to the case that led Cambridge Analytica to shut down. 

The documents were forcefully obtained from Ted Kramer an Executive of six4three (a US tech firm) while on a business trip in London. Sargent-at-arms brought him before UK parliament.

He refused to tender the documents as it would risk a citation for contempt from the San Mateo Superior Court located in California, a letter from Facebook to Damian Collins on why the documents shouldn’t be publicised; 

According to Damian he says, ”We’ve failed to get answers from Facebook and we believe the documents contain information of very high public interest.” that was what led to the confiscation of the internal documents in the first place.

After much speculation he was threatened on grounds of imprisonment or fines if the documents were not handed to the parliament within a short period of two hours. 

Individuals have been reacting to this story as some of them are taking sides with the UK parliament for seizing the documents;

Eric Garland a popular economics consultant and trend analyst also reacted to the issue on twitter;

This case goes further as a hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.



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