MET Police: Celebrating 100 years of women in the police force

Met look into all the women who shaped the police force as it been 100 years since they’ve changed the game.

100 years on from the first female officers, today we have over 8,000 women who are given valuable roles around the forces to keep us safe.

The Met highlights the fact that all women are now able to do the exact same jobs as the male officers do from carrying firearms to running armed operations.

In order to tackle those challenging gender stereotypes they have also started a campaign ,including Sofia Stanley and Sislin Fay Allen to encourage and inspire women to follow in their footsteps.

They have selected those two females as Sofia Stanley was the first female Commissioner and Sislin Fay Allen was the first Black female, who appealed to the black ethnic minority so those were some quite heavy changes.

Commissioner Cressida Dick, said: I want to thank all women officers and staff, past and present, for their dedication and service to the Met. All of us who are thriving today owe so much to the brave pioneers of the past.

People see it as societal change when men and women are doing many of the same jobs,   this already happens in many places only is it more looked upon by those in power so in the year 1918 when it was thought about and put into place there were bound to be some restrictions.

police women

On November 22nd of 1918 the then commissioner Sir Cecil Macready had announced that they would be some female officers would be joining them but instead of them being addressed as official officers they were called- women patrols.

We have now discovered that they were put on an experimental program because the government were not sure if they’d keep having females in the force as an ongoing thing.

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