France PM Macron thinking of imposing state of emergency

French PM  Macron is thinking to pose a state of emergency  due to the violence in the capital.

The protest began when Macron induced a fuel tax which has been approved from the French government which the protesters are against .

Emmanuel Macron has been in office for 18 months since taking office back in 2016 this is his first challenge as PM .

This comes as France witness its worst riots in the country’s history  it has had it share of violence in the past however the recent events has cause a lot of tension.

French PM  Macron has backed his plans to go ahead with fuel tax which the protest want him to change his plans .

The public have taken to social media to talk about their feelings regarding the riots.

The urgency to come with a mutual agreement might come after the emergency meeting.

Disabled people are suffering from discrimination

Almost 70% of disabled people have faced discrimination due to access issues.

Disabled people are facing a huge discrimination against their access to public places such as cinema, shops, leisure centre or the local pub and the attitude of staff and other people affect them.

Disabled people feel to be a disadvantage for the society because of the fact that they do not have a lot of accessibility. Many people think that when we talk about disabled people we are directing pointing  wheelchair  people when that is not what we meant by that.

Your disability does not have to be visible there is multiple form of being disabled such as mental health disorder, hearing loss ,dementia and learning difficulties.

We all know that every individual  have a different need than an another but we should try our best to respond to disabled people need. Disabled people should not be treated less because of their disability, we should try our best to make them feel comfortable. They should not be anxious about going out or be afraid that the place that they want to go are not accessible to them or that the staff won’t remind them of their disability.

According to

People affected by a disability  are  more likely to experience unfair treatment at work, or in publics places than non-disabled people. In 2008, 19% of disabled people experienced unfair treatment at work compared to 13% of non-disabled people.

Around a third of disabled people experience difficulties related to their impairment in accessing public, commercial and leisure goods and services.

Small business and retailers can help to make changes by providing accessible toilets or even turning the music down in shops  , installing hearing loops in public places , business owner should take responsibility to make their shops accessible to everyone this should not be an afterthought.

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Home Office condemned after Windrush deportees aren’t contacted

The Home Office has been criticised for not attempting to contact people who were wrongly deported as part of the Windrush scandal.

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas said to home office minister that no “specific attempt” has been made to contact the 49 people concerned who were deported between March and September 2017 to Ghana and Nigeria.

Caroline Nokes, Home Office Minister, has said that those involved could visit a Government website for information, or call the helpline.

The Windrush scandal arose concerns members of the Commonwealth who were wrongly deported, arrested and denied legal rights by the Home Office after being told they didn’t need documents to live and work in the UK.

The scandal lead to the resignation of Amber Rudd, and an apology from the Prime Minister to Caribbean leaders.

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott said that the case highlighted how “reckless and incompetent” the government’s immigration policy was.

In Nokes’ response to Lucas’ questions, she said that before any enforced removal, all individuals are told why they are liable for removal and the destination for removal.

Lucas has said that it was the “the moral responsibility of the government” to track down those affected.

Founder of anti-austerity organisation Black Activists Rising Against Cuts and vice president of trade union PCS, Zita Holbourne, called it “a disgrace”.

Satbir Singh, the chief executive of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants has said that if “the Home Office has the capacity to deny somebody their rights, to separate them from their loved ones and remove them from the country, surely it has the capacity to find them, to apologise and to help them come home”.






Jameela Jamil: ‘Photoshop Should be Illegal’

Actress Jameela Jamil, best known for her role in US TV series The Good Place, brands airbrushing as a ‘disgusting’ tool and ‘should be illegal’.

Living in the 21st century, we have been bombarded with social media and how we present ourselves through it.

With the easy access and use of airbrushing apps such as ‘Facetune’ and ‘Adobe Photoshop’, altering your look and removing your so-called ‘flaws’, has captured the globe.

To crack down, Jameela Jamil, a self professed ‘feminist-in-progress’, has warned those that photoshopping ‘does more harm than good’

In a series of tweets, she states: “Photoshop in advertising and magazines is so often used in ways that are ageist, ableist, fatphobic, racist and deeply sexist”


Jameela had been selected as one of BBC 100 women and through this she had expressed her true feelings towards the ‘fake’ and extremely unreal beauty standards being bestowed upon women.

She wrote: “If you see a digitally “enhanced” picture of yourself, you run the risk of becoming acclimatised to that level of flawlessness and it makes it harder for you to accept your actual image – the one that exists in real life, in the mirror.”

She’s also highlighted the mental health risk factors that come along with airbrushing.

As a means of social media she has started @i_weigh as a way of sharing and appreciating realistic body standards.

Questioning the legal and ethical issues of airbrushing, and promoting weight loss, she has managed to collate herself a 248k following on Instagram.

She blames the hypernormalisation of body image for the rise of botched plastic surgeries and body dysmorphia issues.

Jameela has also been reported to slam the Kardashians for their ‘toxic influence on young girls’

Dangers in drinking,drugs and driving

This December the metropolitan police will be anchoring down and enforcing a campaign surrounding the awareness of drink and drug driving to cut down on the toxic risks that involve this.

Traffic officers will from now on take crucial precautions regarding the high risk level of driving while intoxicated with alcohol or being under the influence of a drug substance, officers will especially be looking out and checking for motorcyclist who drive under the influence to prevent themselves and other road users or by-passers from being hurt.

Police have more modern technology to use as equipment when having tools to breathalyze drivers to see if they have any  drug in there system while driving.

Image result for drinking driving while doing drugs

Police are now able to see all drug classes from C to A, they use the standard kit for alcohol breathalyzers.

Due to the amount of tragedies caused by intoxication while driving, that being 269 fatal accidents caused by drinking, drug driving which has been continuously rising for 2 years.

Colin Wingrove the superintendent chief (policing in command) had a small statement to  make regarding how serious him and the police force, traffic officers are about the new regulations in place and why they feel this campaign is needed.

”Driving whilst under influence of drink or drugs will not be tolerated on London roads which is why the met police roads and transport policing command is launching this new campaign over the seasonal period”

He explains further ” Throughout this  month of action, traffic officers will be carrying  enforcement to address any motoring offences, focusing on drink and drug driving. We also  aim to raise awareness and help reduce these matters,reminding drivers that the police are on the look out”


Here’s To Reggae

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have declared that the music genre Reggae is a national treasure. 


Reggae music, which emerged from Jamaica in the 1960s, was added to UNESCO’s global Intangible Cultural Heritage list on the 30th of November.

This deserved appreciation for Afro- Caribbeans music may be a nice gift but is it too late, for a genre of music that created waves throughout the world and played a significant part in changing opinions.

UNESCO has declared Reggae “The Jamaican music that spread across the world with its calls for social justice, peace and love, to be a global treasure that must be safe-guarded.”

Although not all reactions has been positive towards this news as many people from the Afro – Caribbean community feel insulted as they do not need an organisation which knows little about their culture telling them that their music is worthy.

Also Jamaicans do not need the UN to endorse the soundtrack of their lives. They do not need UNESCO to tell them that reggae is “cerebral, socio-political, sensual and spiritual”. Jamaicans know that already.

They have known for half a century that the reggae beat is their nation’s heartbeat and that it’s lyrics are the soul and conscience of its people – from Burning Spear’s Slavery Days to Damian Marley’s Welcome to Jamrock.


We took to the local streets of Brixton, which has one of the largest Afro – Caribbean communities in London too ask for their thoughts and opinions on the accolade.


While there may be a difference of a opinion between people regarding the issue there is no doubt that this accolade was overdue, the joy and happiness that reggae music brought to the world should never be forgotten.

Google acts on sexual misconduct

Google sacks 48 employees including thirteen senior managers over sexual harassment claims within a period of two years.

In response to New York times post, on 29th November 2018 the CEO of google Sundar Pichai sent out emails to employees stating that the company is dead serious about cases of sexual harassment and is doing everything to provide a safe and inclusive workplace.

He also stated that 13 senior managers were dismissed along side the 48 employees that were sacked wherein none of the employees received an exit package, email below;

google misconduct

After thousands of Google employees took part in a protest against sexual assault and harassment at their workplace, Google went ahead announcing new sexual assault and harassment rules.

Spokesman of Andy Rubin the Android creator claimed he denied the sexual allegations against him.

He further went on saying he left the company in 2014 out of his own will to launch a technology incubator called Playground not because he was accused to sexually assaulting a fellow staff as he was unaware of the allegation when he left in 2014.

The movement to stop sexual assault and harassment continues as an official page has been set up on twitter regarding the case with #googlewalkout.

The official Google walkout page tweeted that google has taken steps by addressing their demands as shown in this tweet;

Sundar Pichai also added that they were new ways to report cases of sexual assault and harassment anonymously.


Dalton Harris: ‘Dreams Do Come True’

Dalton who had a troubled childhood, is now a rising star from Jamaica.

The singer had a tough childhood growing up in Jamaica and entered X factor in order to help him look after himself.


He stole the limelight on yesterdays series finale of x factor 2018, sung alongside 2012 winner James Arthur.





Dalton is the winner of X factor 2018. He was born and raised in Jamaica.

He and his family grew up in poverty, this led him to enter a competition at the age of 16 similar to X factor. The winning prize being $1 million Jamaican dollars, which he won.

After getting through his studies in 2014 Dalton went on to release a single which became a number one hit in Jamaican dance hall.

Well done Dalton in achieving your dreams ‘dreams do come true’



Stockwell School Celebrates Their 200th Anniversary With Levi Roots And Mayor

St Andrews Church of England School celebrated their 200th year on Friday 30th November 2018, which linked in with St Andrews Day around the UK.

With visits from local resident Levi Roots, Joanna Lumley and the Mayor of Lambeth.

This week long celebrations took place at the school with their special guests and of course the real stars – The Pupils.

StAndrews-200_song_DSC8589-610x407       Photo by – Brixton Blog

The pupils performed a special anniversary song at the assembly and later sang their own re-written version of “Wheels on Fire” the theme song of Absolutely Fabulous for Joanna Lumley who stared in the sitcom.

DtLt9VIXQAA7S-2    Photo taken from St Andrews Twitter – @standrewssw9

St Andrew’s first opened between Brixton and Stockwell in 1818 and is now in its 200th year. “Knowing that the school has been here for so long means such a lot to us and the community and we are so proud to be celebrating this monumental occasion,” said executive head teacher Jayne Mitchell.


StAndrews-200_head_capsule_DSC8695-610x383 Photo by – Brixton Blog

Throughout this week, the pupils of St Andrew’s will be writing letters and researching what happened in every year the school has been open for the time capsule that was buried in the school grounds.

StAndrews-200_exterior_DSC8704-610x407.jpg         Photo by – Brixton Blog
DtBg4XeXoAAg60o  Photo taken from St Andrews Twitter – @standrewssw9

Levi Roots ‘set to the stage’ with his “Reggae Reggae Sauce” Song which wowed pupils, teachers, parents and guests. He told the assembly “I remember when I was your age and growing up around here, trying to be inspired. It was the music played in Brixton that inspired me.”

StAndrews-200_sause-song_DSC8624-610x420          Photo by – Brixton Blog

He also took a cooking class with some lucky pupils in the newly refurbished kitchen of the school which was donated by  The Worshipful Company of Weavers 

Capture.PNG                               Photo taken from St Andrews Twitter – @standrewssw9
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Police operation, shots fired, 1 injured

At about 8:10 am today a man was shot during a premeditated police raid operation in Wimbledon

Haydons road, Wimbledon which is usually known for its peaceful and calm atmosphere was struck by the metropolitan police flying squad where they would plan to carry firearms in case it was needed.

The police took action on Lacock road to disperse and detain whoever was at the house address , Two men where arrested but one was shot and injured but taken by the ambulance services to a London hospital.

Hollie Stark was leaving her flat near the scene with her children when she heard three or four gunshots, she told Sky News:

“We hid behind a car because we didn’t know where to go then I heard another gunshot.”

“We were behind the car for about five minutes and then we continued to my friend’s house.”

“I was scared.”

The second man was arrested for conspiracy to rob.

A London ambulance service spokesperson has stated:

“We were called at 8:12am today (3 December) to North Road at the junction with Lacock Close, SW19, to reports of an incident.“We sent an incident response officer, two single responders in cars and an ambulance crew to the scene.”

“We treated a person at the scene and took them as a priority to a major trauma centre.”

Several roads distributing around Haydons road are closed off while forensics and police still make further independent investigations.

Reports are saying that Sainsbury’s was aware of the incident and had a local shop in the area, they are trying to help the police with their investigation.


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