Dalton Harris: ‘Dreams Do Come True’

Dalton who had a troubled childhood, is now a rising star from Jamaica.

The singer had a tough childhood growing up in Jamaica and entered X factor in order to help him look after himself.


He stole the limelight on yesterdays series finale of x factor 2018, sung alongside 2012 winner James Arthur.





Dalton is the winner of X factor 2018. He was born and raised in Jamaica.

He and his family grew up in poverty, this led him to enter a competition at the age of 16 similar to X factor. The winning prize being $1 million Jamaican dollars, which he won.

After getting through his studies in 2014 Dalton went on to release a single which became a number one hit in Jamaican dance hall.

Well done Dalton in achieving your dreams ‘dreams do come true’




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