Dangers in drinking,drugs and driving

This December the metropolitan police will be anchoring down and enforcing a campaign surrounding the awareness of drink and drug driving to cut down on the toxic risks that involve this.

Traffic officers will from now on take crucial precautions regarding the high risk level of driving while intoxicated with alcohol or being under the influence of a drug substance, officers will especially be looking out and checking for motorcyclist who drive under the influence to prevent themselves and other road users or by-passers from being hurt.

Police have more modern technology to use as equipment when having tools to breathalyze drivers to see if they have any  drug in there system while driving.

Image result for drinking driving while doing drugs

Police are now able to see all drug classes from C to A, they use the standard kit for alcohol breathalyzers.

Due to the amount of tragedies caused by intoxication while driving, that being 269 fatal accidents caused by drinking, drug driving which has been continuously rising for 2 years.

Colin Wingrove the superintendent chief (policing in command) had a small statement to  make regarding how serious him and the police force, traffic officers are about the new regulations in place and why they feel this campaign is needed.

”Driving whilst under influence of drink or drugs will not be tolerated on London roads which is why the met police roads and transport policing command is launching this new campaign over the seasonal period”

He explains further ” Throughout this  month of action, traffic officers will be carrying  enforcement to address any motoring offences, focusing on drink and drug driving. We also  aim to raise awareness and help reduce these matters,reminding drivers that the police are on the look out”



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