Disabled people are suffering from discrimination

Almost 70% of disabled people have faced discrimination due to access issues.

Disabled people are facing a huge discrimination against their access to public places such as cinema, shops, leisure centre or the local pub and the attitude of staff and other people affect them.

Disabled people feel to be a disadvantage for the society because of the fact that they do not have a lot of accessibility. Many people think that when we talk about disabled people we are directing pointing  wheelchair  people when that is not what we meant by that.

Your disability does not have to be visible there is multiple form of being disabled such as mental health disorder, hearing loss ,dementia and learning difficulties.

We all know that every individual  have a different need than an another but we should try our best to respond to disabled people need. Disabled people should not be treated less because of their disability, we should try our best to make them feel comfortable. They should not be anxious about going out or be afraid that the place that they want to go are not accessible to them or that the staff won’t remind them of their disability.

According to Gov.uk:

People affected by a disability  are  more likely to experience unfair treatment at work, or in publics places than non-disabled people. In 2008, 19% of disabled people experienced unfair treatment at work compared to 13% of non-disabled people.

Around a third of disabled people experience difficulties related to their impairment in accessing public, commercial and leisure goods and services.

Small business and retailers can help to make changes by providing accessible toilets or even turning the music down in shops  , installing hearing loops in public places , business owner should take responsibility to make their shops accessible to everyone this should not be an afterthought.

For more information please visit https://www.accessable.co.uk/


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