Google acts on sexual misconduct

Google sacks 48 employees including thirteen senior managers over sexual harassment claims within a period of two years.

In response to New York times post, on 29th November 2018 the CEO of google Sundar Pichai sent out emails to employees stating that the company is dead serious about cases of sexual harassment and is doing everything to provide a safe and inclusive workplace.

He also stated that 13 senior managers were dismissed along side the 48 employees that were sacked wherein none of the employees received an exit package, email below;

google misconduct

After thousands of Google employees took part in a protest against sexual assault and harassment at their workplace, Google went ahead announcing new sexual assault and harassment rules.

Spokesman of Andy Rubin the Android creator claimed he denied the sexual allegations against him.

He further went on saying he left the company in 2014 out of his own will to launch a technology incubator called Playground not because he was accused to sexually assaulting a fellow staff as he was unaware of the allegation when he left in 2014.

The movement to stop sexual assault and harassment continues as an official page has been set up on twitter regarding the case with #googlewalkout.

The official Google walkout page tweeted that google has taken steps by addressing their demands as shown in this tweet;

Sundar Pichai also added that they were new ways to report cases of sexual assault and harassment anonymously.



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