Home Office condemned after Windrush deportees aren’t contacted

The Home Office has been criticised for not attempting to contact people who were wrongly deported as part of the Windrush scandal.

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas said to home office minister that no “specific attempt” has been made to contact the 49 people concerned who were deported between March and September 2017 to Ghana and Nigeria.

Caroline Nokes, Home Office Minister, has said that those involved could visit a Government website for information, or call the helpline.

The Windrush scandal arose concerns members of the Commonwealth who were wrongly deported, arrested and denied legal rights by the Home Office after being told they didn’t need documents to live and work in the UK.

The scandal lead to the resignation of Amber Rudd, and an apology from the Prime Minister to Caribbean leaders.

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott said that the case highlighted how “reckless and incompetent” the government’s immigration policy was.

In Nokes’ response to Lucas’ questions, she said that before any enforced removal, all individuals are told why they are liable for removal and the destination for removal.

Lucas has said that it was the “the moral responsibility of the government” to track down those affected.

Founder of anti-austerity organisation Black Activists Rising Against Cuts and vice president of trade union PCS, Zita Holbourne, called it “a disgrace”.

Satbir Singh, the chief executive of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants has said that if “the Home Office has the capacity to deny somebody their rights, to separate them from their loved ones and remove them from the country, surely it has the capacity to find them, to apologise and to help them come home”.






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