Police operation, shots fired, 1 injured

At about 8:10 am today a man was shot during a premeditated police raid operation in Wimbledon

Haydons road, Wimbledon which is usually known for its peaceful and calm atmosphere was struck by the metropolitan police flying squad where they would plan to carry firearms in case it was needed.

The police took action on Lacock road to disperse and detain whoever was at the house address , Two men where arrested but one was shot and injured but taken by the ambulance services to a London hospital.

Hollie Stark was leaving her flat near the scene with her children when she heard three or four gunshots, she told Sky News:

“We hid behind a car because we didn’t know where to go then I heard another gunshot.”

“We were behind the car for about five minutes and then we continued to my friend’s house.”

“I was scared.”

The second man was arrested for conspiracy to rob.

A London ambulance service spokesperson has stated:

“We were called at 8:12am today (3 December) to North Road at the junction with Lacock Close, SW19, to reports of an incident.“We sent an incident response officer, two single responders in cars and an ambulance crew to the scene.”

“We treated a person at the scene and took them as a priority to a major trauma centre.”

Several roads distributing around Haydons road are closed off while forensics and police still make further independent investigations.

Reports are saying that Sainsbury’s was aware of the incident and had a local shop in the area, they are trying to help the police with their investigation.



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