Lately, fears and anti-immigration political speeches are very much alive.

From the very beginnings of humanity, people began to move basically to get food, which forced them to go continuously from one place to another (of course, then the borders did not exist the only limitation to move from one place to another was the autonomy of our feet), but of course all this began to change with the emergence of modern societies, that is, communities settled in a particular place where work to produce food, tools and everything necessary to trade and live.

I do not support Donald Trump, but there is something in which he is right: if you want to be a citizen of Mexico, you will not be allowed to be a Mexican citizen because it is one of the most difficult places to get citizenship.

What to say about the USA, almost all of its population comes from other countries or lives in territories that belonged to other countries, as is the case of the lands of California, New Mexico or Texas that historically belonged to Mexico, but of course when the economic data say that immigration drives growth and development with higher levels of employment, entrepreneurship and productivity, so anti-immigration critics makes many other excuses.

For example, a look at what happens in the country with the most immigrants in the world, the US, between 1990 and 2013 the number of illegal immigrants went from 3 million and a half people to approximately 11 million. However, in the same period, according to the FBI, the number of violent crimes fell by 8%.

Mexico has an immigration law much more restrictive than the US, so you can get an idea only in 2015 the Mexican government deported more than 100,000 illegal immigrants while the US 300,000 in a territory three times less populated and receive much less immigrants. We can say that Mexicans deport practically anyone who enters the country through the borders with Guatemala and Belize or, at least, all those who decide to stay in the country instead of continuing their trip to the USA.

The immigrant population in Mexico does not even reach 1%.

While the president of Mexico says that Mexicans in the US are honest and hardworking people, they are good people who respect the family, who respect community life and respect the law, as Mexicans deserve the respect of all. 48% of Mexican public opinion claimed to have a very bad opinion about Central American immigrants.

The Mexican newspaper “La mañana” published an article that supported the border wall but in southern Mexico, stating that the problem they are living Mexico and the US can be resolved and this is with the construction of the border wall proposed by Trump, but in the south to prevent the illegal crossing of Central Americans.

Immigration to Mexico is due to its geographical location.

Imagine that you live in Nicaragua and want to emigrate to the US, but that you do not have the resources to buy a plane ticket, because the only way to get there by land is by crossing Mexico by road.

The largest flow of immigration in the world is from Latin America to the US.

Only in 2015 did this trip more than 22 million people and it is a dangerous route on roads in a terrible state and in ultra-violent areas, because places like Chiapas, Guerrero or Sinaloa are the real epicentres of drug trafficking because they suffer all possible abuses such as extortion, kidnapping, human trafficking, drug trafficking, trafficking in persons for the purpose of labour and sexual exploitation.

Many of those people who arrive in southern Mexico continue their trip to the United States on the roof of a freight train, known as the beast or the train of death.

This situation was the perfect excuse for the government of Mexico to take out the general population law in the 70s, a law that among other things served to avoid the abuse towards immigrants and things like the white slave trade. The problem that that at first might seem a noble motivation became a real hell for foreigners.

This law allowed the government to expel foreigners and the secretary of government may deny foreigners entry to the country, or the change of quality or migratory characteristic when required by the national demographic balance, in other words, Mexico is only willing to receive foreigners who come from rich countries and possibly have white skin.

The result is that seven out of every ten immigrants are Americans and practically the rest come from Spain, indeed, there are twice as many Spaniards as Guatemalans (this would not be a surprise if it were not because Guatemala borders Mexico). Mexico has practically the same number of Germans as of Peruvians, in other words, that if you come from Europe or from the US you will not have any problem in obtaining the visa because apparently you are contributing to help the demographic balance, while the others are considered a threat democratic.

But not only that, is that with this law being an illegal immigrant was considered a federal crime that means that at any time and anywhere the Mexican police could stop you in the street and ask for the papers. If you did not have them you were not only deported your own country but also forced you to pay a fine that was equivalent to twice the average Mexican salary, all this could go unnoticed in the international community after all each country is free to set the immigration laws you want.

However, in 2010 something happened that would uncover the shame of an entire nation.

The governor of Arizona Jan Brewer signed the immigration law of the State considered one of the toughest, being practically a carbon copy of Mexican law, but on a small scale because for example although this state considers illegal immigration is also a crime as not ,It is the government of Washington, it can only be pursued within the limits of what Arizona is, this means that it is not a federal crime.

However, this law captured the attention of all the global media and, what was then the president of Mexico, Felipe Calderón was not left behind: “any regulation that focuses on criminalising the phenomenon of migration a social phenomenon, an economic phenomenon and criminalising it in this way opens the door to intolerance, hatred, discrimination, abuse in the application of the law. “

Logically, the international reaction was immediate and for that reason in less than a year the Mexican government was forced to change its general population law in which the illegal entry into the country was finally decriminalised, completely, because the Mexican police can ask the papers to anyone who thinks he is an illegal immigrant because it is as it is, for example in the US the authorities need to have at least the suspicion that they have committed an offence to ask you for the papers. In Mexico it is totally normal end up in a police van and if you add to the little control there is, you find things like to escape deportation some immigrants pay between 30 and 300 dollars to the police.

“When I saw the caravan I just thought: I’m going to suffer. But I was encouraged to come because I cannot do anything anymore. Because even working you cannot earn anything because of the high level of crime and another thing is the economic inflation.”

RFID chip, convenient or catastrophic

Recently  not only has America joined movement with Switzerland in the development new technology for citizens to use but now the UK is advancing on the alleged opportunity, the RFID chip (radio frequency identification)

The chip is implanted in the right hand of whoever uses the device is a new way of being your own smartphone, entering buildings, opening car doors and purchasing of goods.

Image result for microchip implant

Since 2017 Switzerland has been spreading and pushing the high demand in giving out the device, NPR reports that over 4,000 citizens have already adopted to the device and are using it to there daily lives normally.

The chip to some is very much like carrying a phone except you can open your car door and purchase things in the stores using the chip as the radio frequencies work the same as identification cards or credit cards.

The exploitation of the chips grew instantly and has now reached the USA when around 50 people other than the people surrounding Three Square Market  have purchased the chip and had it implanted.

People that work within the area in Three Square Market also embedded the chip in there hand to use for purchasing food within the building and also using  the chip as a form of identification to allow them in the company building they work for.

Recently the chip has grown even larger regarding the base of its intrigued users and has now reached the UK only differences is the nature of why firms within the UK are intuiting the progression of the microchips.

The firms believe it would induce higher security and more efficiency regarding the working field.

Discussions are being held with Biohax the Swedish technology firm who created the microchip and was the first to gather people who would’ve want try the microchips.

UK business believe that it would cause a better surveillance for security and also would make the working field consist of more efficiency

But the real question is which a swell as their being many people who agree with the use of the microchips there are majority who do say otherwise.

A portion of people see this as a very bad issue regarding public privacy and untrustworthy initiations involving the chip, Trade Unions in Scandinavia made popular attention towards the privacy and danger that could come with the RFID chip

The real important question of this advancement in technology is will the RFID chip be a success and convenient invention or will it be a catastrophic making of technology that we as people will have to compromise to.

Brexit fears rise as 60 Days to Go

Prime minister Theresa May is facing increasing pressure to negotiate Brexit terms.

As Brexit approaches, fears over Brexit have not been calmed due to the uncertainty of Theresa May’s direction.

Unlike Switzerland, the UK cannot negotiate enough trading deals before the deadline which is putting more strain on the PM.

With 2 months to go before we finally leave the European Union, many people are still unsure about what to do with Brexit.

The Prime Minister is currently facing up to a ‘Super Tuesday’ vote that could define or delay her Brexit.

MPs may need to work longer and lose their February half-term break if Brexit is to be delivered on time.

Ahead of tomorrow’s votes on her Brexit plans, Theresa May is under more pressure to win concessions from the EU over the Northern Irish backstop.


Amongst all of the amendments, Labour MP Yvette Cooper proposed a new bill to rule out the UK leaving without a formal deal.

This would allow parliament time to find a way through the deadlock and approve a deal with Brussels.

The bill to bring in the new law would require Theresa May to postpone Brexit day, 29 March until 31 December, if MPs do not approve her deal by 26 February.

The Prime Minister would do this by asking the EU to agree to extend the two-year limit on Article 50 – the mechanism paving the way for the UK to leave the EU.

However, if Yvette Cooper’s amendment was successful, and she then managed to get MPs to approve her bill, it would become law and so place an obligation on the government.

However with the EU elections due in May will make a longer extension almost impossible to agree with the other member states.

Vogue Launches New Venture

Vogue is set to launch an online piece focusing on fashion, beauty and luxury industries giving business owners and companies a space to advertise and sell.

Conde Nast has had this project up and running for the past year, pitching and going back and forth after the company started teasing it a couple times in a few local newsletter.

This has all come to light as many believe that mainstream magazines and the media have struggled to show much of fashion if weren’t for most online style type work many working in the industry wouldn’t have much coverage on these types of works

vogue image 2

Mr Blau President of Condé Nast International says “I don’t see in the near or midterm future to move the global portfolio on for a paywall” he says this because the online magazine he is trying to achieve in order to sell and advertise to appeal to the target audience it is known that paywalls aren’t successful and many would cause the project to fail before it even starts.

Amid this, Conde Nast international have given a new face to fashion journalists not only where they’re based but globally by using their platform as a voice for those using it to help promote.

“No one else in the world employs more fashion journalists in more places than we do. Our global network of journalists, digital editors and researchers are immersed in the relevant fashion trends on all inhabited continents, giving the team of Vogue Business access to an unparalleled depth of knowledge, from local design trends to changes in manufacturing, training, technology and distribution.” says Blau

Vogue business Aims to fill the gap which is in the market as of now to bring together advertising the brand along with subscription  and find a way to make readers more engaged.

“Our journalism is designed for maximum impact and accessibility, making it easy to understand key ideas at a glance, and to enable fashion leaders to make the decisions that will grow and future-proof their businesses and careers.” says Lauren Indvik, Chief-Editor of Vogue Business.

As we’re in a day and age where technology is changing by day it will be very interesting to follow this up and see whether it will be a success.

Facebook to merge WhatsApp and Instagram messengers

Facebook has plans to merge its own Messenger with Instagram and WhatsApp to allow users to communicate across the different platforms.

The tech giant has announced that it plans to have a shared core for all of the messaging apps.

Facebook has said that it is at the start of a “long process”.

It is believed that these plans come from Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook’s CEO.

In a press release Facebook said it wanted to “build the best messaging experiences we can; and people want messaging to be fast, simple, reliable and private.”

Integrating the messaging parts might simplify Facebook’s work, allowing them to control all 3 apps in one place.

These plans come amidst Facebook’s privacy scandals to do with advertising and Russian interference, and more recently the apparent implication of self harm posts on Instagram that allegedly lead to the suicide of 14 year old Molly Russell in 2017.

Facebook is also looking at adding encryption to these platforms along with the merger. “We’re working on making more of our messaging products end-to-end encrypted and considering ways to make it easier to reach friends and family across networks,” said a spokesperson for Facebook.

Facebook is aiming to have implemented their cross-platform plan by the end of 2019.

FA Cup tie marred by violence

Championship side Millwall hosted Premier League side Everton on Saturday afternoon in the fourth round of the FA Cup at The Den.

The FA Cup tie between Millwall and Everton was marred as a pre-match mass brawl between opposition supporters left one man seriously injured. The brawl transpired on Hawkestone Road, close to Millwall’s home ground in Southwark, South London, and involved more than 50 people.

The situation started when Everton’s team bus was attacked ahead of the match by Millwall supporters as it pulled up to the ground. A relative of the bus driver, told the Liverpool Echo, that “all the windows on the bus were smashed” as he had to drive the players away and to safety.

Both fans threw bricks and glass bottles at each other and were described by the police as ‘drunk’. It is thought that this brawl was pre-arranged by fans from both teams and lasted significantly longer than footage shared on social media shows.

During the scuffle, an Everton fan- Jason Burns- was slashed in the face, causing horrific facial injuries. He was taken to a local hospital in South London by the London Ambulance Service, where his injuries were confirmed as non-life threatening. 

Metropolitan Police say that the trouble started at 4.42pm, ahead of kick-off at 5.30pm. Critics have said that police and ground staff were slow to react to the escalation but the Met responded by saying they worked to “separate the groups with support from the Mounted Branch and Dog Support Unit”.

Metropolitan Police say they are fully investigating Saturday’s ‘disgusting behaviour’, but at this time ‘no arrests have been made’ and are appealing for information. The police and FA are also investigating claims of ‘racist chanting’ by Millwall supporters directed at Everton’s bench and supporters.

After the violence had been contained and the situation was de-escalated by police, the match was able to go ahead as planned, with Millwall twice coming from behind during the contest they eventually won 3-2, securing a dramatic last gasp winner from Murray Wallace in injury time causing the cup upset at the expense of Everton to secure their place in the fifth round.

The FA chairman, Greg Clarke has promised to punish those involved. After one of the London’s most brutal football related fights in over a decade, work needs to be done to avoid a repeat of hooliganism that dominated football in the 1980s and to make sure this kind of event doesn’t take place again.

Pop Singer From Romania Living In Lambeth Trolled On The Net

Constantin, the 31 year old pop singer from Romania has asked for more action to be taken against internet trolls following recent homphobic comments on social media.

With over a million views on YouTube, his single “One Boy from a Little Town” has received over 170 comments on the popular platform. Many of which showing concern and disgust towards the Romanian pop Singer.

The song was written with the current Brexit debate in mind, and described it as a story about his life.

“While the video is about my life, when I produced it, I was thinking of the many people from Europe who left their homes, families and old lives behind – like me – hoping for a new life and opportunity in the U.K. Now, all we see is confusion and worry about the future.”

“One Boy from a Little Town 2018 is a tribute to immigrants and a reminder to the British people of the tremendous contributions immigrants have made. Without them, Great Britain would be less great.” Wrote the singer in his YouTube description.

Photo Taken from Constantin4U Twitter

A YouTube user wrote in the comments section “This video is disturbing! As a romanian I feel deeply offended. This video displays romanian migrants as people who eat and live in trashcontainers. Furthermore it falsley claims that countries like the UK are not reciving foreigners well. This peace of “work” is dividing people and should not be allowed to be published as an advertisment.”

While other comments shows disgust, hatred, homophobia and xenophobia for the romanian born singer living in Lambeth.

He said “Moving to London was the best thing that ever happened to me and it’s become my home. However, since releasing my music video I have seen a different side to the British public and my social media accounts have been bombarded with ignorant comments about Brexit and disgusting, hateful remarks about me and my sexuality.”

Constantin continues his plea for more action to be taken against comments from YouTube and other platforms where users can openly express themselves freely.

Mental health: Is social media causing people to commit suicide?

Recent studies has shown a rise in suicides of people between the ages of 16-24 and many are blaming social media as the main cause.

Research has shown an increase in suicides of young adults aged between 16-24 , many people blame social media as the influence it has on young adults to want to be perceived as something their not and when they are incapable of keeping up this appearance it leads to mental health problems.

For example, Molly Russell  died in her teens after she was discovered  in her bedroom and pronounced dead at the scene in November 2017. 

Mr Russell said that there were :”no obvious signs” of severe mental health issues.  Molly’s father also told the BBC: “Some of the content on social media is shocking and that it encourages self harm, it links self-harm to suicide and I have no doubt that Instagram helped kill my daughter.”

Molly, came from a loving family as we could see, she was an enthusiastic child and doing incredibly well at school: she loved sailing and it was said she was an excellent horse rider. Molly had also been nominated for a lead role in her school’s play of ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’.

There have been many examples of how social media influences young people and how it changes their behaviour.  For example ‘Kylie Jenner’ plump lip challenge #kyliejennerchallenge, which sparked some controversy within the social media world.

Kylie Jenner: plump lip challenge

  Video Credits: DiTiTiD

However, people that are known to suffer with mental health often keep quiet about it and are not outspoken. This does not benefit them in anyway as they should be speaking to people to combat the damage being done.

We asked a circle of people:

Do you think social media has an impact on people’s mental health?

Claudia says: ” Yes social media has negative impact on society, were alcohol abuse and gambling may play be big part of suicide.       This includes fashion brands latest phones.  Results to crime drugs also this could includes eating disorders and following celebrities to be slim  which can have devastating effect on your mental health”.

Shaunna says:  “Yes social media has negative impact on people’s mental health; if look at the statics for depression especially in teens and body dysmorphia is high right now due to people comparing their selves to stranger online”

Laverne says: “People feel compelled to conform to what social media requires and promotes as healthy or normal Some users no longer express true emotions and replace these feelings with mainstream manufactured emojis Once we rely on the media to dictate how we feel we no longer feel unique and that’s damaging”

Laverne audio

Many initiatives are being taken to combat mental health issues surrounding social media,as there are various websites that give information regarding what you can do too feel better and to get a healthier life without the addiction of social media. Sites such as the ‘Mental Health Foundation’ are a great place to start.

If any one is touched by this story, we encourage you to contact Samaritans.

Police take murder suspect in for questioning

33 year old man was taken under arrest and has been questioned on suspicion for murder in Acton, North London.

Police launched a murder investigation, after finding a deceased body of a 34 year old in an multi-occupancy residential property on the Sunday morning of the 27th of January.

At 10:15 am police were called with concerns of the mans well being.

Upon the police entering the home of the 34 year old they found his lifeless body had been attacked.

The next of kin of the victim have been informed and police are trying their best to contact further family in Poland.

The man’s body will undergo a Post- Mortem examination, so that police can get a better understanding of how the man may have been killed.

Major Crime Command and Homicide are investigating and are positive that they know the identity of the man.

The male that has been arrested has been in the North London police station undergoing further questioning.

The DI Mark Richards from the Homicide and Major Crime Command said:

This man was fatally attacked in his own home. Our efforts are focused on bring the culprit(s) to justice. At this early stage there is nothing to suggest entry to the property was forced. A number of active enquiries are underway including forensic analysis at the crime scene and the gathering and review of local CCTV footage.

“We continue to appeal for help from the local community who may have seen or heard something that could be vital to our investigation. Were you out for a jog or walking around in the vicinity of Alfred Road on the day of the attack? We are ready to take your call and information in confidence.”

Davido sells out 20,000 capacity o2 Arena

Chairman of Davido music worldwide group Davido, single-handedly sells out the o2 Arena on 27th January 2019.

Famous Nigerian singer, songwriter and record producer Davido enscripted his name in history book as he single-handedly sells out the o2 Arena with his DMW (Davido music worldwide) team mates.

Fans who decided to purchase their tickets at the last minute were left disappointed as all categories of tickets have been exhausted.

Many Nigerian artists have performed and sold out at smaller o2 stages in the past, Davido and Wizkid presently become the only Nigerian artiste to have taken up the big stage of 20,000 capacity.

Davido becomes the second Nigerian to sell out at the o2 Arena following Wizkid’s sold out Afrorepublik concert concert in 2018 at the o2 Arena.

After Wizkid’s sold out concert he announced in June 2018 that he was embarking on the same route to sell out the o2 Arena like his ”brother”. Many fans took to their twitter pages saying the Afro pop-star couldn’t accomplish such feat as it was a stretch for him but Davido didn’t concur with their opinions and decided to prove them wrong.

Davido took to his Instagram page after it was announced that his show was sold out with the caption ”I’m screaming!! it’s going to be a long day for haters tomorrow Thanks to all that made this possible. The boy called David sold out the o2 ! @theo2london. See everyone tomorrow Dem dead AAWWFFFFF”.

this was a concert that was long prepared for after much wait, famous English actor, producer, musician and DJ Idris Elba took to stage to announce davido who made an outstanding entrance on a suspending platform wherein he looked upon 20,000 people as they screamed his name in one video cc: victor aio

Davido at o2 was a great success as he did not only sell out tickets but also had his name inscribed in history books.