Trump menaces Turkey economically if they hit kurds

On Sunday 13th  January late in the evening president trump announced on tweeter that he would sanction turkey economically  if they hit Kurds Syrian military.

United states and Syria relationship began during the end of the  second world war and at the beginning  of the cold war ,when Syria entered into the war  as allies of the united states.

The president of the united states  did not give more information about what he meant by saying that he will hit turkey economically, however US sanction have had an impact on turkey’s economy before.

The decision that the president has made is not changing the situation because Turkey’s foreign minister said that they will not be intimidated by what Trump said” We have said repeatedly we are not scared off and will not be intimidated by any threats”.

On Monday the turkish president said that he would not change his mind and keep doing  what he wanted to do in the first place.






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