China condemns baby gene editing scientist

A statement issued by more than 120 Chinese scientist which condemn the creation of ‘worlds first gene-edited baby’.

Chinese scientist He Jiankui claims to have created the world’s first edited genetically edited babies. Although it id reported that he had not been given approval from the parents of the babies.

Gene editing is the manipulation of the genetic material of a living organism by deleting or replacing a DNA.

He Jiankui is know for claiming to have conduct the first genome editing ,recently an investigation have  been made after that he said to have altered DNA in seven human embryos  in order for them to be more resistant to HIV.

Many people criticised what he did saying that they were no way to know what  long term  effect it could have on them, furthermore he did not provide any evidence of what he had done , his claims have been reported to the Chinese  authorities which suspended his research and activities.

The southern university said that his research was done outside campus, on November 26 he announced that the birth of gene edited human babies , three day later on November 29 Chinese authorities suspended his research and activities.


Indy Science Thinker is a women who reacted to this news on twitter.


His claims have not been verified yet but his work resulted in the birth of twin babies and the pregnancy of women.

Investigator proof that he had recruited eight couple to participate in his experiment

The gene editing is done by a biological system it can be used by scientist to make change to the DNA crisp scans looking for the best place to be and then use cas9 protein to snip through the DNA, meddling with genome of an embryo could cause harm not only to the individual but to  the coming generation that inherit the same gene .

if the states bring the charges of corruption he could face death penalty.









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