Game of thrones sets release date

Game of thrones announces official release date for grand finale season 8.

After much wait and anticipation the eight and final season of game of thrones is set to be premiered on 14th April  2019 according to  HBO (Home Box Office).

Previous reports show that the first six seasons consisted of ten episodes each wherein the seventh season had only seven episodes.

The show runners David Benioff and D B Weiss originally planned on making the final season in a form of 3 lengthy feature movies rather than six episodes but HBO didn’t concur to this idea which led them into making it six episodes

The final season is rumoured to consist of just six episodes wherein each episode runs for 80-90 minutes unlike previous episodes that ran up to 60 minutes, this isn’t business as usual.

On January 13th 2019, Game of thrones official twitter page released a short clip with the caption ”April 14th #forthethrone” to clear the doubt of viewers and spectators that the date has been set.

This final season  is set to bring much more than it has ever offered, according to the show runners and casts so much work was put into this final season hopefully it break ground.

Kit Harrington was interviewed on BBC Radio on his expectations of how it would affect TV he said ”I think it is going to be extraordinary, hopefully it’ll change TV again like it did originally, and break boundaries. I think it might.”

Rumours also have it that each episode of the grand finale costs around $15 million dollars that sums it up to $90 million approximately for all episodes combined.

Fans all over the world have predicted what could happen in the season finale as some of them have been interviewed and questioned what their predictions for the final season would be.

George R.R Martin said he would like to call this final season ”The long night” due to the fact the the White walkers would be descending upon Westros from the farthest north, the know region for winter. The white walkers plan to bring an end to all the lives and takeover the world.

Last year October a casting announcement that Naomi Watts would be starring in the final season wherein she plays a lead role in the spin-off.

Naomi is set to play the role of a socialite who hold a very vital secret.

Following the announcement from HBO that there would be an inevitable spin-off in this final season the fans have been curious and full of excitement as they wait on the premiere of the final season.


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