Pop Singer From Romania Living In Lambeth Trolled On The Net

Constantin, the 31 year old pop singer from Romania has asked for more action to be taken against internet trolls following recent homphobic comments on social media.

With over a million views on YouTube, his single “One Boy from a Little Town” has received over 170 comments on the popular platform. Many of which showing concern and disgust towards the Romanian pop Singer.

The song was written with the current Brexit debate in mind, and described it as a story about his life.

“While the video is about my life, when I produced it, I was thinking of the many people from Europe who left their homes, families and old lives behind – like me – hoping for a new life and opportunity in the U.K. Now, all we see is confusion and worry about the future.”

“One Boy from a Little Town 2018 is a tribute to immigrants and a reminder to the British people of the tremendous contributions immigrants have made. Without them, Great Britain would be less great.” Wrote the singer in his YouTube description.

Photo Taken from Constantin4U Twitter

A YouTube user wrote in the comments section “This video is disturbing! As a romanian I feel deeply offended. This video displays romanian migrants as people who eat and live in trashcontainers. Furthermore it falsley claims that countries like the UK are not reciving foreigners well. This peace of “work” is dividing people and should not be allowed to be published as an advertisment.”

While other comments shows disgust, hatred, homophobia and xenophobia for the romanian born singer living in Lambeth.

He said “Moving to London was the best thing that ever happened to me and it’s become my home. However, since releasing my music video I have seen a different side to the British public and my social media accounts have been bombarded with ignorant comments about Brexit and disgusting, hateful remarks about me and my sexuality.”

Constantin continues his plea for more action to be taken against comments from YouTube and other platforms where users can openly express themselves freely.


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