RFID chip, convenient or catastrophic

Recently  not only has America joined movement with Switzerland in the development new technology for citizens to use but now the UK is advancing on the alleged opportunity, the RFID chip (radio frequency identification)

The chip is implanted in the right hand of whoever uses the device is a new way of being your own smartphone, entering buildings, opening car doors and purchasing of goods.

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Since 2017 Switzerland has been spreading and pushing the high demand in giving out the device, NPR reports that over 4,000 citizens have already adopted to the device and are using it to there daily lives normally.

The chip to some is very much like carrying a phone except you can open your car door and purchase things in the stores using the chip as the radio frequencies work the same as identification cards or credit cards.

The exploitation of the chips grew instantly and has now reached the USA when around 50 people other than the people surrounding Three Square Market  have purchased the chip and had it implanted.

People that work within the area in Three Square Market also embedded the chip in there hand to use for purchasing food within the building and also using  the chip as a form of identification to allow them in the company building they work for.

Recently the chip has grown even larger regarding the base of its intrigued users and has now reached the UK only differences is the nature of why firms within the UK are intuiting the progression of the microchips.

The firms believe it would induce higher security and more efficiency regarding the working field.

Discussions are being held with Biohax the Swedish technology firm who created the microchip and was the first to gather people who would’ve want try the microchips.

UK business believe that it would cause a better surveillance for security and also would make the working field consist of more efficiency

But the real question is which a swell as their being many people who agree with the use of the microchips there are majority who do say otherwise.

A portion of people see this as a very bad issue regarding public privacy and untrustworthy initiations involving the chip, Trade Unions in Scandinavia made popular attention towards the privacy and danger that could come with the RFID chip

The real important question of this advancement in technology is will the RFID chip be a success and convenient invention or will it be a catastrophic making of technology that we as people will have to compromise to.


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