The Search For Sala

The search for Cardiff’s new Argentine striker has been resumes today thanks to crowdfunding.

The search for Emiliano Sala has resumed today after more than £250,000 was raised from donations of football fans and footballers. The search was called off on Thursday evening after two days of searching with Guernsey Police saying the chances of survival after so long were “extremely remote”.

Guernsey Police Harbormaster David Barker said at a press conference that the “decision has been difficult” but “we believe we have done as much as we possibly can”.

Once it had been confirmed that the search was off, Sala’s sister took to social media to plead with rescue services and the nation to not give up the search as she is “Convinced” her brother is alive .

This left fans and footballers alike in uproar and many took to social media to vent their frustrations and call for help.

World renowned footballers such as Jerome Boateng, Fernandinho, Mbappe and Ngolo Kante have all expressed their discontent with the handling of this search and their desire to help find him.

Over 4,000 people have contributed to the cause with over 20 of them being footballers who want to continue with the hunt for Sala and his pilot. Mbappe leads the charge with the largest donation so far of £30,000 .

Argentinian footballers past and present, including Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona and Sergio Aguero, have echoed those calls. Alongside their President who has said the foreign minister would make a formal request to authorities in Britain and France to resume the search.

The whole football world joins together for one cause to find Sala and hopefully alive.


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