Vogue Launches New Venture

Vogue is set to launch an online piece focusing on fashion, beauty and luxury industries giving business owners and companies a space to advertise and sell.

Conde Nast has had this project up and running for the past year, pitching and going back and forth after the company started teasing it a couple times in a few local newsletter.

This has all come to light as many believe that mainstream magazines and the media have struggled to show much of fashion if weren’t for most online style type work many working in the industry wouldn’t have much coverage on these types of works

vogue image 2

Mr Blau President of Condé Nast International says “I don’t see in the near or midterm future to move the global portfolio on for a paywall” he says this because the online magazine he is trying to achieve in order to sell and advertise to appeal to the target audience it is known that paywalls aren’t successful and many would cause the project to fail before it even starts.

Amid this, Conde Nast international have given a new face to fashion journalists not only where they’re based but globally by using their platform as a voice for those using it to help promote.

“No one else in the world employs more fashion journalists in more places than we do. Our global network of journalists, digital editors and researchers are immersed in the relevant fashion trends on all inhabited continents, giving the team of Vogue Business access to an unparalleled depth of knowledge, from local design trends to changes in manufacturing, training, technology and distribution.” says Blau

Vogue business Aims to fill the gap which is in the market as of now to bring together advertising the brand along with subscription  and find a way to make readers more engaged.

“Our journalism is designed for maximum impact and accessibility, making it easy to understand key ideas at a glance, and to enable fashion leaders to make the decisions that will grow and future-proof their businesses and careers.” says Lauren Indvik, Chief-Editor of Vogue Business.

As we’re in a day and age where technology is changing by day it will be very interesting to follow this up and see whether it will be a success.


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