Lately, fears and anti-immigration political speeches are very much alive.

From the very beginnings of humanity, people began to move basically to get food, which forced them to go continuously from one place to another (of course, then the borders did not exist the only limitation to move from one place to another was the autonomy of our feet), but of course all this began to change with the emergence of modern societies, that is, communities settled in a particular place where work to produce food, tools and everything necessary to trade and live.

I do not support Donald Trump, but there is something in which he is right: if you want to be a citizen of Mexico, you will not be allowed to be a Mexican citizen because it is one of the most difficult places to get citizenship.

What to say about the USA, almost all of its population comes from other countries or lives in territories that belonged to other countries, as is the case of the lands of California, New Mexico or Texas that historically belonged to Mexico, but of course when the economic data say that immigration drives growth and development with higher levels of employment, entrepreneurship and productivity, so anti-immigration critics makes many other excuses.

For example, a look at what happens in the country with the most immigrants in the world, the US, between 1990 and 2013 the number of illegal immigrants went from 3 million and a half people to approximately 11 million. However, in the same period, according to the FBI, the number of violent crimes fell by 8%.

Mexico has an immigration law much more restrictive than the US, so you can get an idea only in 2015 the Mexican government deported more than 100,000 illegal immigrants while the US 300,000 in a territory three times less populated and receive much less immigrants. We can say that Mexicans deport practically anyone who enters the country through the borders with Guatemala and Belize or, at least, all those who decide to stay in the country instead of continuing their trip to the USA.

The immigrant population in Mexico does not even reach 1%.

While the president of Mexico says that Mexicans in the US are honest and hardworking people, they are good people who respect the family, who respect community life and respect the law, as Mexicans deserve the respect of all. 48% of Mexican public opinion claimed to have a very bad opinion about Central American immigrants.

The Mexican newspaper “La mañana” published an article that supported the border wall but in southern Mexico, stating that the problem they are living Mexico and the US can be resolved and this is with the construction of the border wall proposed by Trump, but in the south to prevent the illegal crossing of Central Americans.

Immigration to Mexico is due to its geographical location.

Imagine that you live in Nicaragua and want to emigrate to the US, but that you do not have the resources to buy a plane ticket, because the only way to get there by land is by crossing Mexico by road.

The largest flow of immigration in the world is from Latin America to the US.

Only in 2015 did this trip more than 22 million people and it is a dangerous route on roads in a terrible state and in ultra-violent areas, because places like Chiapas, Guerrero or Sinaloa are the real epicentres of drug trafficking because they suffer all possible abuses such as extortion, kidnapping, human trafficking, drug trafficking, trafficking in persons for the purpose of labour and sexual exploitation.

Many of those people who arrive in southern Mexico continue their trip to the United States on the roof of a freight train, known as the beast or the train of death.

This situation was the perfect excuse for the government of Mexico to take out the general population law in the 70s, a law that among other things served to avoid the abuse towards immigrants and things like the white slave trade. The problem that that at first might seem a noble motivation became a real hell for foreigners.

This law allowed the government to expel foreigners and the secretary of government may deny foreigners entry to the country, or the change of quality or migratory characteristic when required by the national demographic balance, in other words, Mexico is only willing to receive foreigners who come from rich countries and possibly have white skin.

The result is that seven out of every ten immigrants are Americans and practically the rest come from Spain, indeed, there are twice as many Spaniards as Guatemalans (this would not be a surprise if it were not because Guatemala borders Mexico). Mexico has practically the same number of Germans as of Peruvians, in other words, that if you come from Europe or from the US you will not have any problem in obtaining the visa because apparently you are contributing to help the demographic balance, while the others are considered a threat democratic.

But not only that, is that with this law being an illegal immigrant was considered a federal crime that means that at any time and anywhere the Mexican police could stop you in the street and ask for the papers. If you did not have them you were not only deported your own country but also forced you to pay a fine that was equivalent to twice the average Mexican salary, all this could go unnoticed in the international community after all each country is free to set the immigration laws you want.

However, in 2010 something happened that would uncover the shame of an entire nation.

The governor of Arizona Jan Brewer signed the immigration law of the State considered one of the toughest, being practically a carbon copy of Mexican law, but on a small scale because for example although this state considers illegal immigration is also a crime as not ,It is the government of Washington, it can only be pursued within the limits of what Arizona is, this means that it is not a federal crime.

However, this law captured the attention of all the global media and, what was then the president of Mexico, Felipe Calderón was not left behind: “any regulation that focuses on criminalising the phenomenon of migration a social phenomenon, an economic phenomenon and criminalising it in this way opens the door to intolerance, hatred, discrimination, abuse in the application of the law. “

Logically, the international reaction was immediate and for that reason in less than a year the Mexican government was forced to change its general population law in which the illegal entry into the country was finally decriminalised, completely, because the Mexican police can ask the papers to anyone who thinks he is an illegal immigrant because it is as it is, for example in the US the authorities need to have at least the suspicion that they have committed an offence to ask you for the papers. In Mexico it is totally normal end up in a police van and if you add to the little control there is, you find things like to escape deportation some immigrants pay between 30 and 300 dollars to the police.

“When I saw the caravan I just thought: I’m going to suffer. But I was encouraged to come because I cannot do anything anymore. Because even working you cannot earn anything because of the high level of crime and another thing is the economic inflation.”


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