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Human Rights

Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms to which of all humans are entitled to, This keeps us safe and in a form of independence; for more information regarding this, click here! This page consists of information and content which refers to the current human rights which are used as of 2019. Thus, you will learn about gender rights

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Feeling Safe

Within this page, you’ll be able to learn information regarding feeling safe for the youth generation, this will be pursued with several video projects which the students have developed. Interview with a Syrian refugee This interview is about the journey of a Syrian boy and how he and millions of Syrians became refugees, and how he came to the UK. Our interviewee tell

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social media

Social media is a wonderful thing, it helps us connect to the internet and friends online and allows us to do anything we want. But there are people who use the internet for their own gains, making them do horrible decision. Some people would use social media to harm, threat, annoy or attack others for entertainment or just do so.

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Breakdown of the Increase in Laptops.

Education is a mandatory in every child life in most countries. The importance of having education is well understood which is a great achievement in the global world we live in now. Getting good grades is what everyone strives for, the work that needs to be done to get those grades are endless. In most countries primary schools to secondary school education

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Family Abuse

The Content within this page will be focused towards Family abuse within youth families, upon reading this page. You will read about the definition of family abuse, individual causes which may lead to family abuse with the effects which may take place. As well as a solution for each cause. This page will also consist of several video productions which

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