Money & Budgeting

Interview with Ben Gaymer

In this interview Ben Gaymer (Lambeth College Staff Coordinator) talks about helpful ways to budget.

Spending Habits

As you know young teenagers today like to spend money on items they are interested in. Another reason why young teenagers like to spend their money is because nowadays designer shoes, clothes and jewelry is what attracts them the most.

Girls eventually start to spend more as they enter their teens and begin to discover expensive make-up, hair (weave etc) and shampoo. Boys on the other hand do not spend as much as girls do. However, the most that boys would spend their money on is online games, clothes and trainers.

Lifestyle Deals

There are many good deals that many people going along with day to day life may not necessarily see. As a lot of young adults are starting to pay for their own bills, they usually start working at these ages therefore sites that can reduce their price to suit students to get affordable prices for stuff such as their phone bill, gym memberships and store deals.


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