Family Abuse

The Content within this page will be focused towards Family abuse within youth families, upon reading this page. You will read about the definition of family abuse, individual causes which may lead to family abuse with the effects which may take place. As well as a solution for each cause. This page will also consist of several video productions which relate to families, productions such as interviews, surveys and a two question vox pops.

Family abuse is generally defined as a universal issue within most families, particularly youth families whom may not know how to manage. This issue mainly consists of verbal, emotional and physical abuse between family members. For example, parents who constantly mark their children will create an abusive relationship between the family members. Also known as family abuse.

There are several common causes for family abuse for any family may experience, the causes generally have a variety of solutions to prevent the causes from occurring further in the future. Although, the solutions within this page are generally the typical solutions.

Financing ~ Family abuse can be a result for families if they are struggling to finance their life well, Families who struggle to manage to pay for housing, food and education. Are generally going to use forms of abuse to try and get back onto track.

Although this may seem effective, it isn’t healthy. The main cause of this is generally to do with the amount of stress which is gained from struggling to pay off their invoices. The effects for this issue can be major, the family can risk the possibility of losing their properties. Children who are in education will also find it harder to learn due to the lack of support which they will receive.

There is a solution which can prevent families from experiencing this issue, and the solution is to manage money as a family. This will allow family members to become calm and notice which invoices have been paid. It is also best to place income aside every month, to be left for when a major issue occurs financially.

Communication ~ Communication within families is a key skill which should be associated with every family, as a family lacking communication can lead to major disadvantages. A family without communication generally don’t eat meals together when optional, as well as generally talk about issues which relate to the family members.

The causes for this mainly refer to the family members and their intentions. Mainly having intentions to keep personal issues to themselves, or ignoring what the family members have to say.

This generally causes lack of confidence as family members will find it hard to gain confidence in general life, let alone confidence between families. This is a horrific effect as this can prompt students who are in youth families with this issue to achieve low grades. When they can achieve higher, although their motivation to do so is affected by their confidence. Families can also suffer from this issue as a lack of communication will deprive family members and parents, causing arguments between the behavior within the families.

The Typical solutions to this relates to communication, all families need to do is start to eat meals together as a family, participate events as a family and have open conversations like a family. Doing so, the members within the family will start to gain more confidence as their family are open.

Every family is completely different, so these typical solutions for the causes which are mentioned, have a possibility of not being helpful. If this is your case, feel free to roam the references which was used to fetch this information.

Youth Thoughts | Survey

We Developed a survey which was shared to eight people, the majority of these people had claimed that stress is the most common cause for family abuse, which is understandable as this issue can cause family members to become pressured which will lead to poor decision making.


Youth Thoughts | VOX POP

To see the views of the youth regarding Families, our team asked several students about what they think determines a good family and a bad family. The following students who expressed their views are students of Lambeth college.

Interview | Rochelle

As this page is related to families, we decided to interview our college learning development coach, She has a family and supports students who seek support with family related issues.

Interview | Caz

Our Tutor kindly arranged an interview for us with someone called Caz, Caz is someone who works in the nursery which can be located within the grounds of lambeth college, since she works in a nursery. It only seemed reasonable to interview her as she possible has a clear understanding of families. Especially young families.

Caz was generous and developed a document which refers to early intervention, you can find the document by clicking here.


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