Breakdown of the Increase in Laptops.

Education is a mandatory in every child life in most countries. The importance of having education is well understood which is a great achievement in the global world we live in now.

Getting good grades is what everyone strives for, the work that needs to be done to get those grades are endless.

In most countries primary schools to secondary school education is free for the public.

Developing countries are on the verge of making their school system free and open.

The essential accessories needed by all students in order to achieve well in school is hardcore in all countries. The price at which such necessities are sold is very expensive, and normally leave parent with no income after going that extra mile to purchase them.

Personally being born in a developed country does not necessarily mean my life has been a smooth ride without my own share of hurdles.

As a child, I had to watch my mom struggle to earn enough for all our bills whilst bringing up my younger sister and me.

Going to tuition centers for after school lessons were a leisure on its own I could not fathom. There were several reasons why I could not dream of going there; for the first reason it was extremely expensive.

For an hour session, I had to pay £15, which my mom could not afford considering our financial situation. The only option I had was to study on my own and work hard in getting good grades like my peers.

The internet is a required platform for students we all know we need that to find research and ideas on our assignments. To get access to the internet we need to connect it from a device here comes the dilemma. Having a device, which can be connected to the internet, is so insanely expensive.

A quality device such as a laptop , which can last for a while, is so expensive; the average price ranges from £280 to £800, which is unaffordable for someone like me.  Part time jobs is the only option in getting enough money to purchase one and it will require more than 3 months’ worth of my income which should not be the reality of us students.


The evolution of the laptops over the years are one of the contributing factors why the prices of laptops and other technologies keeps increasing making it an intense battle for students and parents. They are pressured  by the urge of doing well in school by getting expensive technology.

Schooling is extremely important in every child life; it impacts knowledge into pupils and helps as a stepping –stone in achieving their dreams.

Having education does not require a social class or any other ethics it solely depends on the efforts put in.

Personally from what I have endured growing I am happy I have been accepted into my preferred university to do the major I like. I am one-step away from having my dream job. I cannot continue to stay positive since I have to figure out how I am going to get all the things I need in pursuing my education.

Having a laptop is a top priority but the prices are leaving me breathless.

A break down to how the advancement of laptops over the years has been.

From the reign of Osborne 1, Compaq portable, Window 98 Operating System, Netbook and Smart book the laptop has indeed come a long way since the 1960s. It is no surprising the cost of a laptop continues to surge.

The marketing strategy in selling laptops spend thousands of pounds in branding it they have spent a lot of money in advertising laptops.

Higher education requires a lot of efforts and commitment. It is more challenging hence to do well the strive increases.

Students are inclined to purchase costly technologies for their academic projects. These are normally beyond their budgets, which as a result leaves them with nothing to keep afloat.


Parents and carers are pressured in getting such technologies without any regards to their financial circumstance, which should not be appropriate.

Larger families with more relatives in higher education need to toil and find limited solutions in getting the technologies for their schooling this situation sometimes breaks down families which should not be happenings.

Countries in the world should priorities education of the nation by working hard to gather enough resources and funds to provide students with discount laptops and other technologies which they can in a flexible way.

The cry of the government when it comes to investing in new things they always hum the same thing in repetition like a ritual they alone know of and that is; “ There’s insufficient funds to support a new projects or there are too many things which are more urgent”.

Can someone tell me where our tax payments are going and all the fines that are incurred?

For one thing which is so important they proceed to come up with excuses for everything and totally disregarding the urgency of educational needs for students.

This is sadly, what politicians in almost every country which does nothing but to leave the country bleeding as the future of its leaders are bleak.

Students needs to be encouraged to do well in their education. They should not be left worried about how they can afford the essential things that are needed for their schooling.

Countries like England, USA, Germany and France, which are more developed, tends to disregard the future of its youth but rather fill the country with unnecessary issues.

They forget the future of the country dwells on the students and for that, they need to invest on the future generation. They lose focus on what is most important but rather concentrate on the unnecessary.

As a developed countries they need to set good examples to other countries which will lead to a more global and prosperous world.

Young people in most countries find themselves caught up in fatal violence, which in most cases claims the lives of themselves or the innocence.

It is only after the violence escalates to a point where there is news of crimes every second.

This is when the government starts to confront the violence. It is only when the violence makes headlines in the news.  There’s not much being done to prevent it from happening in the first place it is a sad reality to the current state of all countries which is killing the health of the nation.

Before crime escalates and unemployment reigns there should be effective, ways implemented to prevent them in the first place;

  1. Making education affordable for everyone: Pupils should be able to go to school without having to worry about the cost of their education and how they will pay for it.
  2. Affordable laptops and technologies; to succeed in their education they need these technologies to do assignment. The prices of laptops are so expensive and unaffordable this leads to a lot of unnecessary pressure for parents and students in pursuit of getting these. A rental option can work. If students are given the option to borrow a laptop or other technologies that they can use for a periodic time like a week to do their projects, they can return after the specific time.
  1. Transport: Travelling to school is a struggle in almost every country. It is very costly to get buses or trains. Families with financial difficulties are unable to always pay their children to even get school. If free or affordable mode of transport is available, more students will be inclined to be in school.
  1. Affordable meals in school: The cost of meals in colleges are ridiculous. A bottle of water cots £1.40. Walking into cafeterias is like entering a high street. There is nothing that is reasonably priced. No one can study on an empty stomach if meals in schools are made in consideration of the diverse people. It will be more appealing for young people to stay in school.

Laptops and other technologies should not be an avenue to drain money out of students and parents who are desperate for a good future.

The media needs to portray these issues in their news outlets to emphasis on the ridiculous pricing of laptops and other technologies that are required by students for schoolwork.

The essence in excelling in school is extremely important. A higher education is the platform where we students can grow to be influential. The need to be do better is overwhelming and in a situation where we are limited and not financial stable

Help is needed in getting these technologies for our schoolwork. Being left alone with the burden of providing everything on our own only result in anxiety and worry. It affects us mentally since we are unable to grasp any solution. For the future of the countries we love and live in, we need to unite and work towards building our generation.

More efforts needs to be done for our future and us. Laptops should not be so hard for us students to get when needed for our project. It should be an important issue that should be addressed and not neglected.

An interview with Luke an employee which is included below proceeds to tell us why there is so much increase in laptops on a regular basis, he says;  I think the prices of laptops keeps increasing because technology keeps advancing”.

From his interview which is down below more research is needed when checking out the prices of Laptops.

It needs to be the priority of the government to ensure the future generation will not be lacking.


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