Feeling Safe

Within this page, you’ll be able to learn information regarding feeling safe for the youth generation, this will be pursued with several video projects which the students have developed.

Interview with a Syrian refugee

This interview is about the journey of a Syrian boy and how he and millions of Syrians became refugees, and how he came to the UK. Our interviewee tell us how he lost safety in just few months and what he saw during his journey to come to the UK, A journey that took years.

Scenarios’ |Stress.

This video is about how stress can cause people trouble and what not to do, which is to bottle up your depression. What you can do to improve your situation is to ask someone to council you problems and help you with your stress. This will help your facing  these situations.

Scenarios’ | Verbal Bullying.

This video is about verbal bullying and what to do to defend yourself.  The worst thing to do in the situation with being verbally abused is to not stand up for yourself. This will help you if your in these situations.

Scenarios’ | Being Hacked.

This video is about being hacked and what to do. The best way is to gain a confirmation letter. Don’t give them your bank details  This will help you if your in these situations.

Interview | A victims’ mother.

As knife crime increases with 131 deaths in London and, 75 stabbings in a year. This proves that there has been a change in England’s capital.

Shaquan Sammy-Plummer, aged 17 , son of Jessica Plummer, unfortunately passed away due to a knife injury on the 30th January 2015. This was after being denied access into a party due to a confrontation with the party host. The mother (Jessica) told us before the interview that she believed it was set up as her son was then chased down the street before being stabbed. These crimes, were not right. We must take action.


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