Human Rights

Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms to which of all humans are entitled to, This keeps us safe and in a form of independence; for more information regarding this, click here!

This page consists of information and content which refers to the current human rights which are used as of 2019. Thus, you will learn about gender rights and how it has improved within the past few generations.

Vox Pop | Gender Equality

Inequality in the workplace is a topic that has been discussed frequently nowadays, but different people have different visions, so we went to find out what people think about that topic.

Decades ago, gender equality was unbalanced, leaving women in the dust. Although, human rights within this generation have increased in terms of allowing women to participate within events which they couldn’t a few generations ago.

This can be noticed when comparing the statistics of women between previous generations with the current generation. For example, women nowadays often receive the same wages as men. Previous generations prove that women used to be underpaid because of their gender.

Glass Ceiling or rather a broken ladder? ~ women

Glass ceiling is the terminology given to unacknowledged barrier to advancement in a profession, affecting especially women and members of minorities.

While the term ‘Broken Ladder’ stands for the whole process, not just the act of reaching the top but every single step that the minorities give during the career journey.

Interview | Principal

This interview was made in order inspire young women and show that it is possible to achieve high standards as a women, we interviewed Fiona Morey; the Principle of Lambeth college.


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