The right wing league proposed a chemical castration bill on sex offenders

The right wing league in the Italian government proposed a bill to castrate sex offenders with consent as a condition for parole  in order to prevent women from being sexually assaulted as numbers are rising.

The bill aka ”Codice Rosso” is expected to come back to the chamber of deputies on Tuesday as it was suspended on Thursday when opposition MPs occupied the seats in protest.

The political Five Star party  rejected the proposal, they also disagree over some details of revenge porn being made a crime.

The five star government is saying that castrating  rapist  would not be a solution but that they should think about putting them in jail.

“The topic is so sensitive that it requires wide debate not only in parliament, but also judicial and social, above all involving experts, victims, families, analysts, jurists and all the relevant state actors, like the post and telecoms police. It’s a very important issue, so serious regulation must not be incomplete,” said  Giulia Sarti a member of the five star party who was recently a victim of revenge porn as she wants effective laws against it.


“The topic is so sensitive that it requires wide debate not only in parliament, but also judicial and social, above all involving experts, victims, families, analysts, jurists and all the relevant state actors, like the post and telecoms police. It’s a very important issue, so serious regulation must not be incomplete,” says Giulia Sarti on a Facebook post.

Revenge porn  is a sensitive topic wherein a 31 year old woman  took her life straight after her sex tape got to the public.

Research shows most women in Italy are reluctant to address the topic especially the women who have been victims. sexual abuse can be destructive to the mental health and your career path in general.

Italian women protested against gender violence on 8th March as Italy’s ruling populist coalition have clashed over a major new bill to tackle sender violence.

Countries such as Poland, Russia and Moldova have made chemical castration compulsory for certain sex offenders.




Fatal stabbing at Clapham Common

A 40 year old man who was stabbed around Clapham Common tube station has now died.

The incident took place today at around  14:37 this afternoon at the corner of Clapham Park Road and Clapham Common station.

Paramedics were active at the scene with an air ambulance having arrived at the common but unfortunately they couldn’t revive or save the man.  Police are trying to establish inquires through witnesses who may have information regarding the attack.

According to eye witness the attackers had fled form the scene on foot while abandoning a car.

clapham common
Air ambulance arriving on Clapham Common 

No formal arrests have been made or can be made yet without substantial evidence.

Procedures regarding the road are being put in place due to this being a homicide. Examining of the area will have to be put in place for officers to investigate further.

Further updates will be given once police inquires have improved and information has been given.

for those who witnessed or have any information regarding the attack contact details are below

@MetCC or call 0800 555 111

MPs rejected the Government withdrawing agreement

The government suffered the biggest defeat in the commons today after losing the votes to withdrawal agreement.

The government had its biggest defeat in the common today as their lost to 366 to 286 in the government biggest defeated in this past week.

This comes after march 29 deadline to leave the EU was delayed back to may 22nd this comes after the prime minster went to the EU  past week to ask for extension which later the EU agreed to May which recently got change to April .

This comes after Theresa May promised to leave office if she wins the deals in the common.

After the votes labor leader Jeremy Corbyn tweeted

This comes after the government lost vote to indicative votes on Wednesday rejecting other Brexit  options  by the government which  was rejected by the commons.

After the vote, the prime minster gave  a speech to the common saying ”  UK would have to find “an alternative way forward from she went said ” The UK is due to leave the EU on may 22nd.

There also had been suggestion the government might be asking for more extension for possible elections if prime minster resigns.

In the latest report is suggesting the UK  will now miss the EU deadline for may 22nd to delay Brexit which it suggested the UK will leave the EU without a deal.


Tie dye makes a comeback

Tie dye is tired of sitting on its butt and is giving us a run for our money.




The upcoming tie dye trend has snuck up on us, unexpectedly and has made a home in our favourite online stores like boohoo.

Boohoo ( have a line of over 80 kinds of tie dye clothing items, with various colours which have been put up for sale.

So if you’re a tie dye lover now’s the time to snag up some trendy shirts for a bargain.



Prettylittlething (  has taken a different route and had decided to go the festival route with their tie dye line which only has 24 different styles.


Tie dye is a trend that we’ll be expecting to see a lot of this summer.

A trend that we hadn’t anticipated or even guessed would be apart of this summers wardrobe.

Suspected gunman apprehended outside St Paul’s Cathedral


A man has been arrested right outside St Paul’s Cathedral in front of  tourists. 

According to The City of London Police, at 12:05 today, a man was arrested by armed officers for the possession of a firearm.

The police claimed this incident wasn’t terror related. The police have blocked an entrance to the grounds on Paternoster Row road London in order to carry on with their investigation.

It was believed that the suspected gunman drew out his weapon and pulled the trigger but no bullet was fired according to the BBC.

A witness close to the scene at that time, said the suspect was tasered before the police retrieved the firearm however they are yet to determine whether it is a replica or an actual gun as they continue their investigation.


DUP want year long Brexit delay

The DUP is not supporting the prime minster’s plans but rather want an extension to create a better Brexit proposal.

DUP has said their want a longer delay for one year in the aim to replace prime minster Theresa May their want a new leader to deliver Brexit to next stages.

The longer extension would need a approval from the EU this could affect Theresa May leadership if the EU agrees to this extension.

This follows recent event prime minster had asked the EU for extension to last until June 30th which EU has reject it to a new date in May .

DUP twitter account later tweet by Nigel Dodd saying “We will not accept any deal which poses a long term risk to the constitutional and economic integrity of the United Kingdom” this is referring to prime minster current deal

In the latest report is suggesting if the prime minster gets force by MPs to request a longer delay to Brexit this would affect her leadership as a prime minster.

meanwhile Christopher hope who is Chief Political Correspondent and Assistant Editor, The Daily Telegraph Presenter, Chopper’s Brexit Podcast tweeted his thought on the process.

Cyclone causes catastrophic damage in Mozambique

Cyclone Idai has destroyed most of Mozambique, causing a great flood which has left many people homeless and helpless.

A week ago a cyclone hit Mozambique and its people leaving destruction and chaos, while over 750 people have been pronounced dead from the cyclone and many more receiving treatment.

The injuries are just one of the many concerns in the country right now as there are no homes for people to live or edible food. There have been attempts made to get aid from other countries but with communities wiped out and no landscape the ability for planes to land with safely is a challenge in itself. 

UNICEF has said that around 900,000 children have been affected – either orphaned, separated from their families or lacking basic necessities


They citizens of Mozambique cannot stay in these living condition any longer, they have been seeking refuge in stadiums and schools while many people sleep rough.  The cyclone not only affected Zimbabwe but Malawi also where 56 people have died, the cyclone hit Mozambique with winds of ups to 177km (106mph).

“The situation is now dire and we are calling for emergency both locally and internationally”, said Madiro, who is also the Zanu-PF provincial chairperson for Manicaland.

Rescue teams from all over the world have been sent to help such as the RAF

The Department for International Development (DIFD) has sent 20 tonnes of aid to Mozambique along with specialised equipment like forklifts. The agency has also sent water purifiers – a piece of equipment that is absolutely crucial in the battle to prevent the spread of cholera.

Unicef are at the forefront of the effort to try and give aid to Mozambique as it was reported that the A400M Atlas aircraft, which took off on Sunday, will help provide relief for the 37,500 people in need of urgent shelter, amid reports that at least 17,400 homes have been destroyed by the cyclone and flooding.

Unicef’s executive director Henrietta Fore has said it is a “race against time to help and protect children”.

She tweeted: “We’re assisting those sheltering in schools, setting up emergency medical tents, helping reunite separated families, and looking after orphaned children. Things will get worst.

Audio interview of a relative

Shantay you stay or Sashay away

If you’re a die hard fan, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on an fun filled episode of the amazing entertaining show, filled with drama and amazing looks!

We took a look at the costumes served on Drag race runways on Thursday the 21st and picked out our best to worst runway looks.

Shuga Cain ( @MissShugaCain shocked us on the runway by wearing a sequined navy suite as she hilariously imitated US president Trump.

vanessa vanje ru
2. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo

Season 10 contestant vanjie vanjie vanjie (@VanessaVanjiereturned in season 11 and left the viewers at home in awe with her carnival like look.

ariel versace
3. Ariel Versace

Instagram Drag queen Ariel Versace (@arielversace )  did a double on us with her two layered outfit bringing a little extra glam to the runway .

brooklyn ru
4. Brooke Lynn Hytes

Miss Brooke Lynn Hytes ( @Bhytes1 ) had us ready to stop everything just to have a look at her Amber lights.

mercedes iman ru
5. Mercedes

Fellow contestant Mercedes ( @Mercedesiman) strut the runway like the G.O.A.T (  Greatest Of All Time )  and we were sad to see her go after she was eliminated on Thursday.

evie ru
6. yvie

yvie (@OddlyYvie) left us with the taste of halloween in out mouths as she pranced about as a very scary clown pumpkin.

orange ru
7. Ra’Jah O’Hara

Ra’Jah’s ( @RaJahOHaraboots were made for walking as she gave us body on the runway, eyes were all on her orange couture.

nina west ru
8. Nina West

Nina west (@NinaWest) went back in time and gave us a stunning orange gown to gawk at.

scarlet envy ru
9. Scarlet Envy

Scarlett Envy ( @ScarletEnvyNYC) gave us a little taste of the past with her very orange version of the renaissance.

plastique ru
10. Plastique Tiara

Plastique Tiara (@plastiquetiara) drove us wild with her bird like feathers, resembling a fierce phynix.

silky ganash
11. Silky

Silky ( @GanacheSilkyleft the judges mouth watering with her figure hugging gown, the orange really did pop.

12. A.Keria

A.keria ( @akeria_cleft the judges a little underwhelmed but hey who doesn’t like to be naked and covered in lengths and lengths of hair. You go girl!

We had a lot of fun looking at and reviewing the looks from Rupaul’s drag race from and I got in touch with a die hard fan who gave us her opinion on Drag race.

She told us that she thought that “all of the runway looks were very bold and that she loved watching it because no one was scared to be themselves and express their individuality..”