Influencers and the style of fashion

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Fashion and beauty influencers play a huge part in the industry today along with Instagram for a while Instagram has been another way to showcase all the latest trends and fashion senses

London fashion week is around the corner and there is bound to be some styles which appeal to the eyes those that may have found their way there from influencers or the other way round

I personally feel as though beauty bloggers and fashion bloggers/ influencers aren’t appreciated as they should be, they’re the one’s who’re doing the job of helping people with their fashion sense and so on just like the high fashion brands are doing on the runway

I’m now learning that fashion works as an ecosystem, as soon as the clothes hit the runway there is always an opportunity for it to be inspired by many of the online fashion brands such as misguided and asos for example and from those brands it gets promoted by selected influencers and that’s a way of the high couture brands getting recognition for influencing it on all of us


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