London’s hate


Disability hate crime has rapidly increased by 51% in the past year reaching jaw dropping numbers.

284 charges have been aggravated by disability from 2017-2018

Disability hate crimes can come in many different forms.

Disability hate crime can come from things such as bullying, teasing, physical or verbal abuse and so on.

Many people may witness or be a victim of disability hate crime and not report it out of fear or ignorance but it is important to do so.

There many of charities or helplines that can help support you or the person who has suffered by the hands of disability hate crime.

Helplines that are always are available to help and are full of information are helplines like, Victim support, Disability rights UK and Scope etc.

You can also contact your local police department to report any incidents.

If the incident is an emergency call 999. If the incident is not an emergency call 101.

Disability hate crime also doesn’t just have to be against a person.

It can be committed against a person or property.

A victim does not have to be a member of the group at which the hostility is targeted. 

Helplines want to make it aware to the public that disability hate crime is a growing issue in our society and it needs to be taken serious because it is a serious matter.

Disability charities get a lot of donations from the public, but it isn’t enough when people who have suffered disability hate crime need help due to the increase on disability hate crime in London.

There is an increase in the need of more police officers and other services who need to be available when disability hate crimes do happen and disability hate crimes need to be valued just as much as any other crime.

But when needed there a charities that can be contacted such as disability rights UK who help disabled people learn there rights and help stop disability hate crimes .

They also help press charges against any disability hate crime you may have suffered.

Its good to have these charities and helplines when the police department is unable to help.


we have a charity volunteer who volunteers for her local church disability helpline, who has answered a few of my questions.

If you need assistance or help to deal with a disability hate crime here a some numbers to contact.

scope: 020 7801 0746

Disabilty rights UK:
 0330 995 0400

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God:
020 7686 6000


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