Promise and fail?


Londoners seem to be infuriated as the mayor of London isn’t delivering the proposed houses he promised, questions are being asked.  

In recent times London has excelled beyond expectation in providing jobs,transport, etc. Provision of affordable homes and conducive environment has been one of Britain’s problems, London to be precise.

The mayor’s office  recognised and confirmed that  housing crisis are one of the greatest challenges facing present day London. The mayor (Sadiq Khan) proposed that the creation of over 14,000 new homes in a year was an ideal way to combat the shortage of affordable house problems in London.

The mayor of London  put in place blueprints and strategies to help reduce house prices and provide affordable housing.

A sum of £3.15 billion was obtained from the central government. In June 2018, an addendum was published my the mayor wherein it was taken into account an additional £1.67 billion secured from the central government in the 2018 spring statement.

These amounts would contribute to the mayors target to deliver 116,000 affordable homes. Mayor Sadiq Khan has currently secured more than £4.8 billion from the central government in pursuit to achieve his goals for London. 

Sadiq Khan also gave more information on his plans in regards to the first dibs homes he plans to put in place in order to help solve housing crisis in London; 

Londoners and members of the London assembly in recent months have criticised the Mayor for not executing his strategies and plans as he promised.

Andrew Boff, a conservative member of the London house of assembly says ” He has failed London visibly and he needs to explain to Londoners how he is going to hit his targets.”

James Bronkenshire, a British conservative party politician also said he was going to intervene on this issue by using his legal powers ”unless we see a step change in housing delivery across London.” 

Statistics and figure from leading industry analysts Molior, shows that the number of new homes started by major house constructors in London have decreased below normal level under Boris Jonson in Sadiq Khan’s first 2 years in charge.

Londoners have also urged Sadiq to take responsibilities for not being able to deliver and stop blaming Boris or  the central government. Andrew Boff also made a statement saying ” it’s always incredible, the fallback is always to blame Boris, blame the government, it’s always someone else’s fault”.

According to Evening Standard  last year September, it was stated that out of the mayors 14,000 promised houses only 1.097 houses have been built and 743 homes were ready and classified as affordable for families, as they experience a backlash.

Florence Eshalomi who is a labour co-operative politician also aired her views about the mayor in regards to tackling the issue of providing affordable houses in London in the audio below;

Sadiq Khan’s home for Londoners board stated that it is challenging but achievable in a comment ”delivering the mayors housing programme is challenging and achieving the target by 2022 is not without risk”.


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