The huge impact of gender inequality in the world

Gender inequality acknowledge that men and women are not equal and that they should get treat differently that is affecting the life of women, it has been linked to stereotype and gender roles.

Women are facing a pressure from the world women are too much expected to do certain things because of their gender ,they are underestimate by the society they are not allow to do certain things because they are women they are seen as weak ,they also have higher expectation of what they can do in life they have less freedom women are experiencing differences in  many areas of life like education ,life expectancy , personality , interest  behaviour, family we live in a world where women are not able to speak out.

Men are allow to do anything that they want nobody would talk to them it seem like they have more power and that they are above women boys are more likely to have more freedom than girls they can go out and come back home at unsociable hours their parent would not say anything but when it comes to girls they are less likely to go out whenever they would like to or to wear certain clothes because they are girls most parents are just more protective.

In light of the latest findings, Young Women’s Trust chief executive Dr Carole Easton OBE said: “We may have an equal vote but women are still fighting for equal pay. Young women are more likely to be on low pay and many are resorting to food banks or falling into debt.


women still get paid less than men they are still not allow to do some jobs because of their gender staying at home all day to look after the kids and to be a great wife to their husband by cooking meal all the time women should be in charge at home this how the society that we live in see women. comment about women appearance is happening often they get harassed because of their outlook some men think that women  should dress a certain way to not get attention from people to avoid getting touch or raped by them.

In certain countries girls don’t have access  to education their parent don’t want them to go to school they don’t believe in education for girls to them it is only for boys, girls should stay at home with their mum to clean the house , some girls even get married at a very young age because their parents don’t have money so they rather them getting married in order for them to make  money from it ,not paying attention they  wont get educated have the chance to enjoy their youth and wont have the future that they deserve all of that because they are girls but if they were boys would have more freedom.

A lot of young girl  did not get the chance to have a future but only going to end up by marrying someone that has the same age as their dad and that they do not love. Women were only allowed to vote in Saudi Arabia  allow ladies to vote in 2015 where they had the right to vote to have access to education and healthcare without consent, in 2017 the king Salman  ordered that women do not require the male permission to enter activities like entering university getting a  jobs or undergoing surgery , women always been fighting for their rights and are still fighting for it…




















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