Top 10 2019 Spring fashion trends

Trends come and go but this years trends are here to stay.

Before we go on to the 2019 spring trends lets pause and reminisce about 2018 trends that are so “FAUX PAS”

First we have the pastels which were a big hit last year but unfortunately won’t make it to the top 10 this year since its spotlight was taken by the neon and bright colours.

Next on the list of trends that didn’t make it to 2019 is the plastic trend. Plastic shoes, plastic coats, plastic everything. With so much plastic wear no wonder our fishes are drowning in plastic.

and lastly we’ve gotten rid of the god awful army print insta girl camo pants. though we’ve all been guilty of wearing and owning a pair.

Thankfully this year we have ditched the ridiculous trends for some more sensible ones?



First up we’ve got NEON. Yes it is very loud but hey who doesn’t like to stand out. Well me…sometimes.

Neon Clothing

Neon has made its comeback since its first introduction back in the 80s. Neon was a staple piece that everyone one ranging from teens to adults.


Second up we’ve got block colours. Now this is a trend that I like. Its very appealing to the eye whilst being slightly subtle.

Block colours

There’s no exact date of when block colouring started but i’m sure we are all glad that this is a 2019 trend.

Next up we’ve got what I like to call sporty chic, this is a trend that’s been seen used very regularly on the high street more than on the catwalk

sporty chic

Sporty chic was first in to high fashion the the 1920s and has come back around to us in 2019 in an more exaggerated way.


We’ve also got the slip on dress this year which is a very sensual beautiful piece the in the 2019 trend and the most regular may I add.

slip dresses

The slip on dress as an outside piece of clothing first became popular in the 20th century when the slip on dress wasn’t worn as a piece of inside clothing anymore.

Fifth on our list we have layered clothing. This is a trend that I am guilty of repeatedly using during the first months of this year.

It’s not a trend that most people understand in high street fashion, but its popular enough to be welcomed into 2019

layered clothing

Layering first became big in the 70s, it was a very popular trend and it was rare to see women without a shirt under the other.


Satin and silk are another trend that we brought with us into 2019. This year satin is being worn in all different shapes and sizes and not just in dresses.


Satin and silk first became popular in the early 2000s before it rapidly faded out of fashion. Looks like satin and silk are coming back full force, giving the other trends a run for their money.




Tiny sunglasses became popular in the 1980s that all the big stars wore and a decade later mini hair clips quickly became an accessory for the average baby, teen and young adult. Mini bags also became a big trend in the 90s


Here we have layered pieces of jewellery which personally I adore and am glad has made its way into 2019.

Layered/excessive jewelry

There isn’t a set date of when layered jewellery became a big hit but layered jewellery was very common amongst gypsies and witches.

Second to last we’ve got bright swimwear. This trend is very flattering and catches the eye. It may be good for Instagram pics but its not good when trying to avoid sharks. WATCH OUT! bright colours a back in.

Bright coloured swimwear

Bright swimwear first became a trend in 30s. women quickly began to express themselves with the vibrant colours of their swimwear.


Lastly we’ve got animal print. Animal print is a trend that a lot of people like to criticise but almost everyone wears.

Animal print

Animal print was first introduced into the western world as early as the 1800s in Europe. Animal print was used as a symbol of high class by the elite.

Fashion journalist Rafaela Mussanda and fashion worker and youtuber Victor Aio gave me some of their opinions of some of 2019s high fashion trends.


The pictures in this article were found on pinterest the link for the boards are down below.


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