How boxing is helping local youngsters.

There has been a recent knife crime epidemic around the UK, but especially in London.

The levels of gang violence amongst under 18’s has increased for the last four consecutive years, according to the Met Police website.

As knife crime and teen violence continue to increase, it is more important than ever to help curb this growing surge, and one way of looking to do this is by boxing.

I travelled to my local gym, Lansbury A.B.C to interview former amateur boxer turned coach, Ben Doughty on his opinions on why boxing is good for youths.

My interview with Ben Doughty.

I fully agree with his views and I think that the government should be doing more because it gets young people out of scenarios that could harm people, including themselves.

Boxing has helped a lot of people through all different scenarios, and you always hear stories about how the sport helps when you feel like there is nowhere else to turn to: most noticeably with lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Mental health issues, including depression are increasing yearly and boxing is a great way of staying on the straight and narrow because of the family atmosphere and spirit that means a lot of people can check up on you and look out for you.

Moreover, as knife crime and gang violence rises being at an amazing gym like Lansbury ABC can help with staying out of trouble and also not getting in dangerous situations.


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