11 year old girl injured after Mitcham shooting.

11-year-old girl, two teenagers and 30-year-old woman reported injured after shots from a pellet gun were fired  at Figges Marsh, south-west London on 24th of March 2019.

An 11 year old girl was reported to have suffered a wound to her leg while the woman was hit in the back, these two victims aren’t related but are known to each other.

Two teenagers who are aged in their late teens are also believed to have been hurt following the shooting, they went to a nearby hospital suffering shotgun pellet injuries.

The shooting took place in park very close to a playground;

The victims are injured but not suffering any life threatening injuries wherein the Met Police described it as ”non serious injuries.”

Some group of men were seen in the area prior to the shooting wherein the police are trying to trace them.

No arrests have been made wherein the police force are urging anyone in the group to come forward and speak to them in a statement ”Detectives are urging anyone in this group who has not yet spoken with police to come forward.”

They also urged the public that anyone who has  information of any kind to help the investigation or anyone who witnessed the incident to call 101.



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