Kylie Jenner’s best front page magazine covers

We take a look at all the covers the business mogul Kylie Jenner has graced. 

kylie covers

Kylie Jenner has been on the front covers of various magazines, more than you can count on a single hand. Kylie’s looks always vary with in every magazine she appears on, she never fails to leave us in awe and surprise.

kylie cover 1
This is Kylies German magazine cover for Interview, with the Morrelli brothers. ( @interview_de @morellibrothers)/ this front cover had a majority of positive comments except for one user who said that her hair made her look too old. Kylie Jenner got 2.5 million likes including one from myself for posting this cover snippet on her instagram page.
Kylie cover 2
This was Kylie’s front cover for Paper magazine and she thanked Paper magazine for the front cover, which got 2 Million likes on her instagram account. ” Thank you @papermagazineand the sweet @morellibrothers for this new COVER 💚” – kylie Jenner.
kylie cover 3
This was another one of kylie’s front page covers, AD ( Architectural Digest, @archdigest ) featured kylie and her home on the front of their magazine. Her instagram post of this magazine cover got 2.2 million likes.
kylie cover 4
Kylie simply just couldn’t decide what GlAMOUR ( @GLAMOURUK) cover she liked the post and posted all three on her instagram page, I decided for her and picked this one as the best of all three. This cover got more likes than the other two glamour covers that you can see of kylie’s instagram with 2.6 million likes. kyliejenner.
kylie cover 5
This was one of Kylie’s most gratifying Magazine front pages because it marked her being a female billionaire. Moreover, she was over the moon that it was also her first time being on a Forbes Magazine cover.

Some people gave their opinions on Kylie Jenner’s Interview cover and whether or not it’s something they would gravitate towards.


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