Are Instagram models being provocative to secure more likes?

Instagram models are known for posting stunning pictures and leaving people with their jaws dropped.

But their are some instances where some pictures are just a bit too raunchy for even the brain to process that kind of erotic imagery.

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Most of the time these images are received with positive feedback because people love anything taboo but lets be honest these are images that you would definitely not be showing around the dinner table with family but acceptable with a group of friends.

It begs the question, why is that?

Is it due to body confidence and the acceptance of everyone’s body that the world is slowly but surely trying to take in or is it because Instagram models know how to balance on the fine line of pornographic images and a public excuse to love their bodies.

These images get thousands if not millions of likes and maybe that’s the point to entice the viewer or follower to follow them and constantly be an active liker and commenter on the models pages to secure their instagram algorithm.


The follower holds out on the hope of seeing more images similar to those seen before and henceforth frequently visiting the Instagram accounts, like an addict.

But these sort of images can also cause anxiety for people who aren’t comfortable with their body.

Statistics say that body anxiety mostly affects men. Four in five men ( 80.7%) stress about their body and appearance. And only 78% of women suffer from body anxiety.

Some people may see this as great motivation for people to begin a healthy life style and get physically and mentally fit but it can also have a negative impact if taken too far and out of hand.

Instagram handles of the models featured in this article:


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