Breaking Silence: ”I was getting sold online”

A victim of modern day slavery, human trafficking, rape and money laundering has broken her silence.

Sharon goes into detail about how she was trafficked and what happened to her during her time of enslavement.

Sharon  became a close friend to a human trafficker who made her false promises and preyed on her vulnerability.

Below is the full interview

Due to being evicted, she was ‘forced to move out and offered accommodation by the traffickers, thinking that they were genuine friends’.

It then became obvious that the hospitality and generosity was taking a sharp turn for the worst.

‘I was forced into non consensual sexual activity by my perpetrators, and subjected to violence.’

Also, a significant amount of money and personal belongings were taken from Sharon without her consent.

Whilst enslaved, Sharon was sold online for sex and trapped at a flat in Aldgate East.

With her possessions gone, and no phone to contact her, Sharon was missing for a month.

The main 3 perpetrators were 2 males and one female who pretended to be her best friend.

This was a planned crime and the friendship was a type of grooming to gain Sharon’s trust.

‘They were near me all the time, I had to always have eyes on me and they locked me in the house”

Fortunately enough, Sharon managed to make an escape after a month by lying and saying she ‘was taking out the bins’.

When she had her chance, she made a run for the nearest train station in Aldgate and went straight to the police.

In 2017 over 5000 people were referred to British authorities as potential victims of slavery – up one third from 2016

Cases of modern day slavery have nearly doubled in the past year according to the Salvation Army’s most recent report

Human trafficking, and prostitution has been sought as a way of manipulating and grooming vulnerable individuals.

In 2015, the Government implemented the Modern Slavery Act with a view to stop crimes involving trafficking and forced labour and eradicate modern slavery.

According to Anti-Slavery International, UK nationals make the biggest group of potential victims of slavery.

For those affected by this issue there are a number of organizations that are made to help support victims.

For help and support you can contact:

The Salvation Army human trafficking helpline: 0300 303 8151

The modern slavery helpline: 08000 121 700

Names have been changed to protect the victim’s identity





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