Bringing Back Barrettes

Since 2018 the craze of funky hair clips and Barrettes has progressed more and more

What started out as just a mere trend on Instagram found its way onto the runways ranging from Versace to Chanel,  but its been the bedazzled slogan Barrette clips that Is catching everyone’s eye and becoming the talk of the town.


The small accessory is usually worn at the side of the hair to give the look some personality and especially in the generation that we live in, getting something that is small and full of authenticity where we are able to define ourselves amongst others.

A-list hair stylist Justine Marjan says ‘We want to wear our hearts on our sleeve, express our feelings through our style and make a statement,’.

‘I love that all the pieces can be worn together so you can spell out different sentences to create a unique statement that you want to share with the world. I honestly find it so inspiring to see how they can be tailored to suit each person and their own personal style.’

In a way its as if every say you’d change your whatsapp or Facebook status but by having these slogan barrettes it allows you to be able to not have to physically say it but it will be heard by many.

The fact that something so minimal has since been included in a part of fashion week to be seen as something whilst strutting down the runway to make a Statement to the clothes being worn and how they’re worn is a sign at just how influential Instagram as a whole really is.

The amount of followers doesn’t appeal to everyone anymore its a matter of aesthetic and how the feed is that really catches people and makes them stop take a look and share.

Recurring style never goes out of  fashion there will always be someone who’ll interpret it in a different way or someone who’ll make it look completely different to how you do. Take gossip girl character Blair Waldorf she wore thick headbands and funky colourful clips for 6 entire seasons.

Make your style your own by buying yourself a pair:




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