Dubai denies R Kelly claims of having shows lined up.

 The Dubai government media office denied claims of R Kelly having concerts and shows lined up for April 17th to April 19th alongside a scheduled meeting with their royal family.

The American R&B artiste who is currently facing 10 aggravated sexual abuse charges involving three girls and a woman has petitioned a court in Chicago for permission to travel to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates so he could perform.

R Kelly pleaded non guilty to all his charges saying he has never abused anyone in is life and entire career.

His lawyer Steve Greenberg told the Chicago Sun Times ”he needs to be able to work like anyone else who is free on bond, and the law need to be adaptable.”

R Kelly appealed to the judge to lift his travel ban as he was ordered to surrender his passport in order to sort out his child support and other miscellaneous bills.

On Sunday, Dubai’s government denied claims that the singer had concerts and show  scheduled to be performed three to five shows between April 17th to April 19th.

The Dubai government media office issued a rare statement saying  “Authorities in Dubai have not received any request for a performance by singer R. Kelly nor are there any venues that have been booked.”


Steve Greenberg also claimed that a meeting with the Dubai royal family was scheduled as well, the Dubai government media office also denied this claims  saying  “he has not been invited by the Dubai royal family for a performance.”

Steve Greenberg insinuating there might be a misunderstanding in contract wherein he wanted to clear things out by replying in an email saying

“Mr. Kelly had a signed contract with a legitimate promoter, and any information that was included in the motion to travel was from that contract. “We did not say he was invited by the royal family, but the contract did provide that he would make himself available to meet with them.”

His lawyer explained to the media that his bills and expenses are rising at an alarming rate due to the charges he’s currently facing in a statement

”If you can’t play a show, if you can’t go out on tour, [and if] they’re not streaming your music anymore, obviously you’re going to have financial problems.”


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