DUP want year long Brexit delay

The DUP is not supporting the prime minster’s plans but rather want an extension to create a better Brexit proposal.

DUP has said their want a longer delay for one year in the aim to replace prime minster Theresa May their want a new leader to deliver Brexit to next stages.

The longer extension would need a approval from the EU this could affect Theresa May leadership if the EU agrees to this extension.

This follows recent event prime minster had asked the EU for extension to last until June 30th which EU has reject it to a new date in May .

DUP twitter account later tweet by Nigel Dodd saying “We will not accept any deal which poses a long term risk to the constitutional and economic integrity of the United Kingdom” this is referring to prime minster current deal

In the latest report is suggesting if the prime minster gets force by MPs to request a longer delay to Brexit this would affect her leadership as a prime minster.

meanwhile Christopher hope who is Chief Political Correspondent and Assistant Editor, The Daily Telegraph Presenter, Chopper’s Brexit Podcast tweeted his thought on the process.


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