Justin Bieber: I’m taking a break

Justin Bieber has declared he is taking a break from producing music until he is mentally in a better place.

Yesterday evening Justin Bieber uploaded a picture on Instagram and captioned it with a heartfelt and emotional message to all his fans and followers alike stating that music is taking a backseat in his life so he can ” focus on some deep rooted issues” that he has.

Following his public announcement Celebrities such as DJ Khaled , Big Sean and Joel Houston have praised Justin for taking care of his mental health first and offered him words of encouragement while stating that they are at Justin’s aid if needed.

You can be forgiven for thinking that Justin was doing great and was the happiest he had ever been after he proposed to the now Hailey Bieber during a trip to the Bahamas in early June of 2018.

Although its now obvious that its not the case with recent reports from magazine outlets that had reason to believe Justin and Hailey were calling it quits. Plus Justin made an announcement at the beginning of the month that the wedding was postponed due to the fact they want Justin’s Health to get better.

Also photographers managed to capture a solemn looking Justin being comforted by his wife on the beach.

Its great that Justin’s getting the help he needs but its not all so sad as he did manage to put an optimistic spin on his public announcement by saying ” I will come with a kick ass album ASAP”. So were ready when you are Biebs.


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