The Glitz, The Glam. Kim Kardashian

The reality star stepped out head to toe in glitter in Frances capital making quite the Statement.

Its not unknown to the world that the life of a Kardashian is luxurious, from their TV show to their social media with dedicated fans following their every move.

Kim (probably the most famous of all the sisters) isn’t one to shy away from what people say about her style, she will wear what she wants and somehow pull it off.

The multimillionaire and her family are well known for there erotic fashion styles that they clothe themselves with and know it has a profound impact on the way the media persieve and interpret it.


This isn’t the first time shes gone out and instantly shocked the world with one of her outfits or any of her sisters too, just recently her younger sister Khloe stepped out in something very similar striking a sexy pose for Instagram.

The way i see it is the fact that they have a certain following allows them to wear there things that most wouldn’t dream of wearing, let alone posing on red carpets. Which leads me to believe that in order to survive in the Hollywood industry you have to be a fearless business and fashion mogul.

here are a few looks that have been on a headline or two

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There was this number she wore not so long ago which led to some debate whether she had tipped off her outfit to the clothing site Fashionova which came out in less than 24 hours with a dress that almost replicated the on she had on.  

Kim has shown us how to rock high fashion outfits whilst heavily pregnant and its fair to say she isn’t afraid of wearing these types of clothes and receiving the backlash that she so regularly receives from critiques and Fashion crazed fans.

Her younger sister Kendall and Kylie Jenner have also had their fair share of the spotlight, just a couple months back the number Kendall wore to the Vanity Fair Oscars after party had everyone in a frenzy.

The now highest paid model wore no underwear to the event on the left hence the drape between her legs to keep her somewhat classy.

It seems as though the way the Jenner/ Kardash clan dress seems to stem solely from Kim as it is clear that Kylie and Kendall share a resemblance in the way they dress and business ventures with Kim.

Although as they have all gotten older Beauty Mogul Kylie Jenner has become more and more like her older sister aside from her 1 Billion dollar grossing company Kylie Cosmetics. Another venture that screams Kardashian not only with success but in the manner in which the company was produced.

So given the Kardash clans success we shouldn’t be surprised if more people try to emulate there ever growing legacy on the beauty industry.

Here’s a few of the public’s opinion on the matter:

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