Theresa May loses control of Brexit proceedings

The parliament takes control over Brexit proceedings as they voted to seize control of the parliamentary timetable to deliver a Brexit deal.

Last night Theresa May lost control of  Brexit proceedings as three ministers resigned to vote against her in an important commons vote.

Theresa May is in a precarious position as the latest report shows that she has not only lost control of Brexit but she has also failed to keep the parliament in check, proceedings and control of Brexit has been handed to the MP’s after another horrible defeat.

heath mp
Health secretary Matt Hancock

Meanwhile the health secretary Matt Hancock stated in one of his latest interview with BBC radio 4 that “the commons has rejected a no deal and second referendum” while he also advised MP’s to give the prime minster support on her deal.

Matt Hancock also says ”the options for Brexit are narrowing” after MPs voted to seize control of the parliamentary  timetable.

In the past week the government has asked the EU for a three month delay, the EU later accepted until May 22nd giving Theresa may more time to come up with a better proposal or face a no deal Brexit.

The EU is expected to have there elections in late May after Brexit has been concluded.

Its possible that the third meaningful vote is due to take place on Wednesday although this hasn’t yet been confirmed.

In recent weeks a petition has been set up calling to rebuke article 50 which has been circulating around social media and has reached around five million signatures so far.

In the latest report taking place the government has accepted amendment calling for indicative .

this is  developing story.




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