MPs rejected the Government withdrawing agreement

The government suffered the biggest defeat in the commons today after losing the votes to withdrawal agreement.

The government had its biggest defeat in the common today as their lost to 366 to 286 in the government biggest defeated in this past week.

This comes after march 29 deadline to leave the EU was delayed back to may 22nd this comes after the prime minster went to the EU  past week to ask for extension which later the EU agreed to May which recently got change to April .

This comes after Theresa May promised to leave office if she wins the deals in the common.

After the votes labor leader Jeremy Corbyn tweeted

This comes after the government lost vote to indicative votes on Wednesday rejecting other Brexit  options  by the government which  was rejected by the commons.

After the vote, the prime minster gave  a speech to the common saying ”  UK would have to find “an alternative way forward from she went said ” The UK is due to leave the EU on may 22nd.

There also had been suggestion the government might be asking for more extension for possible elections if prime minster resigns.

In the latest report is suggesting the UK  will now miss the EU deadline for may 22nd to delay Brexit which it suggested the UK will leave the EU without a deal.


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