Tie dye makes a comeback

Tie dye is tired of sitting on its butt and is giving us a run for our money.




The upcoming tie dye trend has snuck up on us, unexpectedly and has made a home in our favourite online stores like boohoo.

Boohoo ( https://www.boohoo.com/search?q=tie+dye) have a line of over 80 kinds of tie dye clothing items, with various colours which have been put up for sale.

So if you’re a tie dye lover now’s the time to snag up some trendy shirts for a bargain.



Prettylittlething (  https://www.prettylittlething.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=tie+dye)  has taken a different route and had decided to go the festival route with their tie dye line which only has 24 different styles.


Tie dye is a trend that we’ll be expecting to see a lot of this summer.

A trend that we hadn’t anticipated or even guessed would be apart of this summers wardrobe.


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