Brexit crisis: five hour cabinet meeting to find a solution.

The cabinet has held a five hour meeting  to tackle the deadlock of Brexit, as the next step come following a series of historic Government losses.

On Monday MPs held a vote on four alternatives to the Prime Minster’s withdrawal bill which has failed gained a majority in the Commons.

EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier has said a long extension to the UK’s current 12th of April exit date would  damage the EU. He went on to say it could cause “significant risks for the EU” he added that a  “strong justification would be needed” to move forward to next stages of Brexit.

A no deal Brexit could be more likely, he said “this can be avoided ” in his latest statement.

This comes after the government lost all votes on the Brexit withdrawing bill last week as Theresa May faces further losses in the Commons.

One conservative MP resigned soon after the government lost another vote on Monday night.

Meanwhile Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tweeted after Monday the night vote calling for snap election wit the hope of a new government being able to move Brexit forward.

This week the Commons, May’s government will  potentially face a fresh  round of indicative votes as labour MP Yvette Cooper’s presents a bill to extend article 50.


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